Jeremy H. Keenan



The Sahara Emirate: Al Qaeda in the West, for the West?

The article argues that Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is fundamentally a creation of the West, for the West. It explains how the “war on terror” was introduced to northwest Africa in 2002 through the fabrication of “false-flag” terrorism in the Sahara by the US and Algerian intelligence services to legitimize US post-September 11 policy in Africa. The article explains how the West, operating primarily through infiltration and orchestration of AQIM by the Algerian “mukhabarat” (state intelligence services), had by mid-2010, transformed AQIM, or the Sahara Emirate as it has become known, into a self-fulfilling prophecy reflecting genuine Islamist and jihadist tendencies.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Algeria, Libya, oil, counterterrorism

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 37, Nos. 2-3 (2010-11): 27-46.


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