Lowell Sachs



Treacherous Waters in Turbulent Times: Navigating the Recent Sea Change in U.S. Immigration Policy and Attitudes

Lowell Sachs presents the view from Washington — the political pressures shaping immigration policies and debates in Congress. Now that immigrants are being viewed as a liability, he discusses the effort in Congress to “pull up the welcome mat and shut the door.” The author outlines the major pieces of legislation currently being considered in Congress. He demonstrates the ways in which politicians have exploited the nation’s fears about the economy, crime, drugs, and other such issues in garnering support for themselves and their positions in Congress–above all, in an election year. What began as an attack on “illegal”(undocumented) immigration has turned into calls for lower quotas, elimination of family reunification principles, and curtailment of services for legal immigrants.

immigration policy; immigrants; anti-immigrant movement; bills, legislative; U.S. Congress

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 23, No. 3 (1996): 125-136


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