Silvia R. Tandeciarz



Mnemonic Hauntings: Photography as Art of the Missing

Tandeciarz interrogates the power of images in the context of state repression by exploring the various uses of photography in post-dictatorship Argentina. The author traces the many ways in which photography has represented the trauma of dictatorship including a discussion of how mothers of the disappeared used images in their weekly marches on the Plaza de Mayo to publicly resist the repressive acts of disappearance. Tandeciarz then analyzes a series of photographic essays by Argentinean artist Marcelo Brodsky to further theorize the role of visual arts in shaping individual and collective identities in post-dictatorship societies.

Argentina, dictatorship, disappeared, photography, Marcelo Brodsky, identity, memory, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, democracy

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 33, No. 2 (2006): 135-152