Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., and Jennifer K. Simmers


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The DREAM Act and Neoliberal Practice: Retrofitting Hispanic Immigrant Youth in US Society

This article illustrates the ways in which neoliberal ideology serves as a guiding strategy for the DREAM Act. Neoliberal ideology seeks to promote efficiency, increased productivity, and greater accountability in public education. The DREAM Act is used in this article as an example of how public education can be utilized as a vehicle for the transition of immigrant children into productive corporate work roles via the military. The neoliberal agenda seeks to increase the importance of corporate identities for societal efficiency by deemphasizing personal differences in society. As such, the DREAM Act appears to be an expression of neoliberal ideology that attempts to transition immigrant children into a homogeneous culture and social order.

DREAM Act, immigration policy, public education

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 38, No. 3 (2011): 3-16


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