Critical Resistance-Incite!



Critical Resistance-Incite! Statement on Gender Violence and the Prison-Industrial Complex

This essay is a call for action against interpersonal and state violence by a coalition of 29 organizations across the United States. They seek an end to violence against women and the creation of a violence-free society, based on “radical freedom, mutual accountability, and passionate reciprocity.” To live violent-free lives, the anti-violence movement must develop holistic strategies for addressing violence that speak to the intersection of all forms of oppression. The Critical Resistance-Incite! statement thus flowed from two mutually overlapping collectives. The text of statement, detailing the need to end violence against women and to create a violence-free society, is presented.

organizations, violence, women’s rights movement, law enforcement, activists, sex crimes, prisons

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 30, No. 3 (2003): 141-150