Special issue: Latin America Revisited, Vol. 40-4



Edited by Edward McCaughan and Susanne Jonas.

With articles by veteran observers and activists as well as up-and-coming scholars, this issue discusses the current state of Latin America, now two decades into the uneven transitions to democracy following an era of dictatorships and armed revolutionary conflicts. The issue’s first section analyzes the historical and ongoing limitations of democracy and development in the context of neoliberal capitalism, focusing in particular on Chile, Argentina, and Mexico. The next section presents contrasting views of the Venezuelan political system, analyzes the horrors of femicide in Guatemala, and features postcards from Cuba. The issue closes with a tribute to the late Helen Safa, a pioneering feminist and scholar of Latin America.

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction: Latin America Revisited (free pdf download)

The Latin American Debate: Dependent Capitalism, Superexploitation, and Revolution
Jaime Osorio

The Neoliberal Chilean Process Four Decades after the Coup
Pablo Cuevas Valdés and Teresa Rojas Martini

Argentina’s Model of Accumulation: Twenty Years of Ruptures and Continuities
Juan Fal

Mexico: Economic Change without Democracy
Job Hernández Rodríguez

Venezuela: The Political Crisis of Post-Chavismo
Margarita López Maya

Dimensions of Democracy in Contemporary Venezuela
Trudie Coker

Crimes without Punishment: An Update on Violence against Women and Impunity in Guatemala
Karen Musalo & Blaine Bookey

Cuban Postcards
Margaret Randall

Renaissance Woman: Appreciations of Helen Safa
Susanne Jonas and June Nash



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