Waging War over Public Education and Youth Services: Challenging Corporate Control of Our Schools and Communities, Vol. 32: 3, 2005


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Gilberto Arriaza, Emma Fuentes, and Susan Roberta Katz, eds.

This issue of Social Justice, co-edited by Susan Roberta Katz (University of San Francisco), Gilberto Arriaza (San Jose State University), and Emma Fuentes (University of San Francisco), helps us comprehend the war being waged over public education and services for our communities, youth, and children. It offers a critical theoretical framework on how social justice work can dismantle the considerable barriers erected by the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) policy. Contributors to this tightly knit anthology are committed to creating social change in school communities ravaged by NCLB policy and the single-minded focus on high-stakes testing. The volume looks at the way in which challenges to education, welfare, and notions of security affect particular groups and entire communities, as well as how they respond, resist, and, in some instances, create innovative alternatives. It advances our understanding of the ways in which communities and institutions can support the development of agency among underserved youth, particularly given the Right’s dominance over the nature and content of education, and thus address the roles of public institutions in a democracy. It also helps us understand the dramatic shift away from the Great Society and New Deal project into a society under the control of powerful shareholders of big corporations, or toward a “corporatocracy.”

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Gilberto Arriaza, Emma Fuentes, and Susan Roberta Katz (eds.), Introduction and Overview: Waging War over Public Education [Free Download]

Luis Rodriguez, The End of the Line: California Gangs and the Promise of Street Peace

Shawn Ginwright, Julio Cammarota, and Pedro Noguera, Youth, Social Justice, and Communities: Toward a Theory of Urban Youth Policy

Rosemary Henze, ‘Little Sisters’: An Exploration of Agency, Cultural Borderlands, and Institutional Constraints in the Lives of Two Teenage Girls

Josephine Arce, Debra Luna, Ali Borjian, and Marguerite Conrad, No Child Left Behind: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Jabari Mahiri, From the 3 R’s to the 3 C’s: Corporate Curriculum and Culture in Public Schools

Kitty Kelly Epstein, The Whitening of the American Teaching Force: A Problem of Recruitment or a Problem of Racism

Theresa Montaño, Sharon H. Ulanoff, Rosalinda Quintanar-Sarellana, and Lynne Aoki, The DEbilingualization of California’s Prospective Bilingual Teachers

Hernán Vera, Review of Melanie Bush, Breaking the Code of Good Intentions

Renee Shank, Review of Rethinking Mathematics

Ken Kyle, To See or Not to See the Crisis in the Academy: A Call for Action

Adalberto Aguirre and Brooke Johnson, Militarizing Youth in Public Education: Observations from a Military-Style Charter School

Stuart Tannock, Is ‘Opting Out’ Really an Answer? Schools, Militarism, and the Counter-Recruitment Movement in Post-September 11 United States at War

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