Vol. 18-3 Attica: 1971-1991 — A Commemorative Issue


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This issue provides a retrospective on the Attica rebellion, an assessment of prisoner struggles in the United States, Canada, England and Wales, and Japan since 1971, and thoughts on a new penology for the 1990s. It is of enduring historical value.


Attica: The “Bitter Lessons” Forgotten?
Robert P. Weiss, Editor [free pdf download]
Twenty Years Later—Attica Civil Rights Case Finally Cleared for Trial
Michael E. Deutsch, Dennis Cunningham, and Elizabeth M. Fink
Michel Foucault on Attica: An Interview
John K. Simon
“The Order of Attica”
Robert P. Weiss
Popular Cultural Images of Criminals and Prisoners since Attica
Vicky Munro-Bjorklund
“These Criminals Have No Respect for Human Life”
David Gilbert
Guest Editor’s Interview
Robert Weiss
Political Prisoners in the United States: The Hidden Reality
Michael E. Deutsch and Jan Susler
“We Are Not Animals, We Are Human Beings”: Prisons, Protest, and Politics in England and Wales, 1969-1990
Joe Sim
Prisons and Protest in Canada
John Lowman and Brian MacLean
Managing Prisoners in Japan: “Attica” Is Not Probable
Elmer H. Johnson
Women in Prison: The Conflict between Confinement and Parental Rights
Adela Beckerman
Creating Choices or Repeating History: Canadian Female Offenders and Correctional Reform
Kelly (Hannah) Moffat
Constitutive Penology
Dragan Milovanovic and Stuart Henry
Review Essay on Prisons under Protest
Tony Ward
A Heartless Anatomy of Five Prison Riots
Martin B. Miller
Rethinking Abolitionism: “What Do We Do with Henry?” Review of de Haan, The Politics of Redress
Jim Thomas and Sharon Boehlefeld
From: Seven Long Times
Piri Thomas
Snapshots of Monroe Reformatory
Joanne Clark
Donald Zaremba
A Bright Spot in the Yard
Jerome Washington

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