Children and the Environment, Vol. 24: 3, 1997



Edited by Sandra Meucci and Michael Schwab

This special issue is about involving children in environmental planning and urban change. Taking children seriously as self-determining social actors has led to increasing acceptance of children’s place in movements to shape the future. The term “environment” is used broadly to mean children’s rights, social welfare policy, how the disappearance of safe public play spaces affects youth crime, and how intensified incarceration policies disrupt the family.

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Sandra Meucci and Michael Schwab, Children and the Environment: Young People’s Participation in Social Change

Michael Schwab, Sharing Power: Participatory Public Health Research with California Teens

Roger Hart, Collette Daiute, Selim Iltus, David Kritt, Michaela Rome, and Kim Sabo, Developmental Theory and Children’s Participation in Community Organizations

Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Working Children in Ecuador Mobilize for Change

Julie Chu, Navigating the Media Environment: How Youths Claim a Place Through Zines

Sangre Latina, Mantel on the Table

Dana Saunders, Invisible Youth Reappear! A Review of Two Youth-Produced Videos

Sandra Meucci, What Is a Children’s Policy, Anyway?

Don Reneau, Z and Me

Sandra Meucci and Jim Redmon, Safe Spaces: California Children Enter a Policy Debate

Diane F. Reed and Edward L. Reed, Children of Incarcerated Parents

Jermaine Ashley, Dawn Samaniego, and Lian Cheun, How Oakland Turns Its Back on Teens: A Youth Perspective

Roger Hart and Michael Schwab, Children’s Rights and the Building of Democracy: A Dialogue on the International Movement for Children’s Participation

Ilaria Salvadori, A Dragon in the Neighborhood: City Planning with Children in Milan, Italy

Robin C. Moore, The Need for Nature: A Childhood Right

Peggy Saika Interviews Sipfou Saechao, And Do You Feel Like This Is Your Country?

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