Diana Garcia


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Making Multiple Literacies Visible in the Writing Classroom: From Cupareo, Guanajuato, to Cal State, Monterey Bay

Garcia describes how she changed her pedagogy to draw upon her Spanish-speaking students’ assets. A Chicana, the daughter of one-time farm workers, and a nontraditional student, the author had forgotten that when non-native-speaking students cross the quad and enter the classroom, they are entering foreign territory. Out of this realization, Garcia has created an innovative model for second-language acquisition in the English Composition classroom that combines student research of local communities with the expressive use of poetry.

language, literacies, pedagogy, education — higher education — United States, immigrants — Mexican — United States, language, Latinos — education, writing

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 29, No. 4 (2002): 122-135