Environmental Victims, Vol. 23: 4, 1996



Edited by Christopher Williams

This issue examines environmentally mediated injury and seeks to change the perception of those who suffer from that of sick patients who are simply in need of treatment, to one of “environmental victims” who deserve justice. It reflects a wide range of interested parties and national perspectives, with academic contributors, frontline activists, and related professionals who are putting ideas into action. Sections cover the US Environmental Justice Movement, classic case studies, and “solution-oriented” approaches. This 185-page issue was guest edited by Christopher Williams and produced within the Global Environmental Change Programme of the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

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Christopher Williams, Environmental Victims: An Introduction

Ken Saro-Wiwa, Final Statement to the Tribunal

Jack Hirschman, Mali McGee, Diane Wang, and Sarah Menefee, Poetry in Honor of Ken Saro-Wiwa

Anthony M. Platt, Mario Savio, The Heart of an Activist

Christopher Williams, An Environmental Victimology

Peter Penz, Environmental Victims and State Sovereignty: A Normative Analysis

Sharon Stephens, Reflections on Environmental Justice: Children as Victims and Actors

Alicia Fentiman, The Anthropology of Oil: The Impact of the Oil Industry on a Fishing Community in the Niger Delta

Satinath Sarangi, The Movement in Bhopal and Its Lessons

Rosemarie Gillespie, Ecocide, Industrial Chemical Contamination, and the Corporate Profit Imperative: The Case of Bougainville

Meena Singh, Environmental Security and Displaced People in Southern Africa

Sanford Lewis and Diane Henkels, Good Neighbor Agreements: A Tool for Environmental and Social Justice

Françoise Barten, Suzanne Fustukian, and Sylvia de Haan, The Occupational Health Needs of Workers: The Need for a New International Approach

Barbara Dinham, Introduction to the Charter of Rights Against Industrial Hazards: For Communities, Workers, and Protection of Their Environment

Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Industrial Hazards and Human Rights, Charter on Industrial Hazards and Human Rights

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