Gregg Barak



Reflexive Social Justice

Former book review editor Barak explains the unique contribution of Social Justice to the study of crime nationally and transnationally. Whether the topic is assaults on the environment, the community, or the person, the substitution of workfare for welfare, the intensification of punishment and the incarceration of a constantly increasing captive population, which is disproportionately made up of people of color, the deindustrialization of America, the globalization of labor and capital, free trade agreements, the inclusion and exclusion of people, or the transnationalization of crime, networking, and law enforcement, there is a need to further develop conceptual models of crime and justice as well as theory and practice that incorporate the broadest kinds of analyses of crises and social change.

social justice, transnational issues in crime and criminology

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 26, No. 2 (1999): 4-6