William Walters



Noborder: Games With(out) Frontiers

Just as states in Europe are now pursuing new strategies of migration control, political activists are improvising new forms of protest. This article examines the political intervention associated with the noborder network. Noborder acts in solidarity with migrants and refugees, and calls for the opening of all borders. It has coordinated such actions as demonstrations at refugee detention centers, the exposure of the role of corporate airlines in the economy of deportation, and border camping at the frontiers of the E.U. The article pays special attention to this latter activity, arguing that “noborder camps” belong to a genre of transgressive spatial practices that also includes the peace camp and the environmental camp.

migration, resistance, European Union, protest camps, contentious politics, borders, no borders, activism, social movements

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 33, No. 1 (2006): 21-39