Vol. 41-3



This issue includes a special section on PENAL ABOLITION AND PRISON REFORM; plus articles on US militarism in Latin America, hackers and privacy, the Víctor Jara case, and grassroots peacemaking in El Salvador.


Militarism and Its Discontents: Neoliberalism, Repression, and Resistance in Twenty-First-Century US–Latin American Relations
Ginger Williams & Jennifer Leigh Disney

“It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way”: Hacker Perspectives on Privacy
Kevin Steinmetz & Jurg Gerber

The Víctor Jara Case and the Long Struggle against Impunity in Chile
J. Patrice McSherry

Grassroots Peacemaking: The Paradox of Reconciliation in El Salvador
Ruth Elizabeth Velásquez Estrada

  Special Section: Penal Abolition and Prison Reform  •

Utopian Action and Participatory Disputes
Vincenzo Ruggiero

Prison Abolition in the UK: They Dare Not Speak Its Name?
Mick Ryan & Tony Ward

Trouble with the Child in the Carceral State
Erica R. Meiners

Playing the “Treasury Card” to Contest Prison Expansion:
Lessons from a Public Criminology Campaign
Justin Piché

Abolitionism and the Paradox of Penal Reform in Australia:
Indigenous Women, Colonial Patriarchy, and Cooption
Eileen Baldry, Bree Carlton & Chris Cunneen

Commentary: “Tweaking Armageddon”: The Potential and Limits
of Conditions of Confinement Campaigns
Rachel Herzing

• • •

Book Symposium: Richard Quinney’s The Social Reality of Crime:
A Marked Departure from and Reinterpretation of Traditional Criminology
John F. Wozniak, with Francis T. Cullen & Tony Platt



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