War, Dissent, and Justice: A Dialogue with Scholars, Activists, and (Former) U.S. Political Prisoners , Vol. 30: 2, 2003



Joy James, ed.

This issue of Social Justice, guest edited by Joy James (Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University, Providence), is a dialogue among scholars, activists, and former US political prisoners. Contributors discuss the prison-industrial complex, dissent against US military interventions in the post-September 11 period, the war on youth in America, and racism in its institutional and movement manifestations. The issue is 152 pages long, with 23 unique contributions.

Purchase articles (click on the author link to read the abstract and buy the pdf):

Joy James, Preface: War, Dissent, and Justice [Free Download]

Joy James, Introduction: Academia, Activism, and Imprisoned Intellectuals

Safiya Asya Bukhari, Coming of Age: A Black Revolutionary

Frank B. Wilderson, III, The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal

Jared Sexton, Race, Sexuality, and Political Struggle: Reading Soul on Ice

Manuella Meyer, Commentary on Black Liberationists  [Free Download]

Ward Churchill, Agents of Repression: Withstanding the Test of Time

Laura Whitehorn, Fighting to Get Them Out

J. Cyriac Mathew, Commentary: Histories of Struggle and Resistance

Henry Giroux, Zero Tolerance, Domestic Militarization, and the War Against Youth

Dylan Rodriguez, ‘Social Truth’ and Imprisoned Radical Intellectuals

Liz Appel, White Supremacy in the Movement Against the Prison-Industrial Complex

Geoff K. Ward and Manning Marable, Toward a New Civic Leadership: The Africana Criminal Justice Project

Brady Heiner, Commentary: Social Death and the Relationship Between Abolition and Reform  [Free Download]

Donna Willmott, Introduction to Marilyn Buck’s ‘Incommunicado’

Marilyn Buck, Incommunicado: Dispatches from a Political Prisoner

Jill Sofiyah Elijah, The Reality of Political Prisoners in the United States: What September 11 Taught Us About Defending Them

Michele Naar-Obed, Nonviolent Peace Activism

Usha Zacharias, Legitimizing Empire: Racial and Gender Politics of the War on Terrorism

Tsedeye Gebreselassie, Commentary: Internationalism and Post-September 11 Activism  [Free Download]

Claude Marks and Rob McBride, Recovering, Amplifying, and Networking the Voices of the Disappeared *MD* Political Prisoners on Internet Media

Alejandro Molina, Cyberspace: The ‘Color Line’ of the 21st Century

Sharon Luk, Commentary: ‘Cyberspace in Prison’ [Free Download]

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