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36:4 (2009) Activist Scholarship: Possibilities and Constraints of Participatory Action Research

Julio CammarotaThe Cultural Organizing of Formal Praxis-Based Pedagogies: A Socio-Historical Approach to Participatory Action Research
Kysa NygreenCritical Dilemmas in PAR: Toward a New Theory of Engaged Research for Social Change
Andrea DyrnessCultural Exclusion and Critique in the Era of Good Intentions: Using Participatory Research to Transform Parent Roles in Urban School Reform
Patricia Sánchez‘In Between Oprah and Cristina’: Urban Latina Youth Producing a Countertext with Participatory Action Research
Emma FuentesLearning Power and Building Community: Parent-Initiated Participatory Action Research as a Tool for Organizing Community
Shabnam Koirala-AzadExploring the Intersection of Philanthropy, Research, and Scholarship in a Third World Context
Joshua A. MitchellActivist Scholarship: A Review of Three Recent Works

36:3 (2009) Resisting State Criminality

David O. FriedrichsOn Resisting State Crime: Conceptual and Contextual Issues
Jeffrey Ian RossResisting the Carceral State: Prisoner Resistance from the Bottom Up
Rob WhiteEnvironmental Victims and Resistance to State Crime Through Transnational Activism
Wayne MorrisonAtrocity and the Power of the Image
Ronald C. KramerResisting the Bombing of Civilians: Challenges from a Public Criminology of State Crime
Peter IadicolaControlling Crimes of Empire
Dawn L. RotheExploring Post-Resistance to State Criminality: Realpolitik Versus Ideology
Owen AndersonReview of Rothe, State Criminality

36:2 (2009) Policing, Detention, Deportation, and Resistance

Escobar, MarthaUnderstanding the Roots of Latina Migrants’ Captivity
Lara, Dulcinea, Dana Greene, and Cynthia BejaranoA Critical Analysis of Immigrant Advocacy Tropes: How Popular Discourse Weakens Solidarity and Prevents Broad, Sustainable Justice
Lawston, Jodie Michelle and Ruben R. MurilloThe Discursive Figuration of U.S. Supremacy in Narratives Sympathetic to Undocumented Immigrants
McDowell, Meghan G. and Nancy A. WondersKeeping Migrants in Their Place: Technologies of Control and Racialized Public Space in Arizona
Diaz-Strong, Daysi, Christina Gómez, María E. Luna-Duarte, Erica R. Meiners, and Luvia ValentinCommentary: Organizing Tensions-From the Prison to the Military-Industrial Complex
Loyd, Jenna, Andrew Burridge, and Matthew MitchelsonThinking (and Moving) Beyond Walls and Cages: Bridging Immigrant Justice and Anti-Prison Organizing in the United States
AnonymousSome Barriers Detained Migrant Women Face
Morales Guzman, EstherImprisonment, Deportation, and Family Separation: My American Nightmare

36:1 (2009) Policing Protest and Youth

Peter Conolly-Smith‘Reading Between the Lines’: The Bureau of Investigation, the United States Post Office, and Domestic Surveillance During World War
Stephen Hill and Randall BegerA Paramilitary Policing Juggernaut
Amory Starr and Luis FernandezLegal Control and Resistance Post-Seattle
Paul J. KaplanLooking Through the Gaps: A Critical Approach to the LAPD’s Rampart Scandal
Robert DuránOver-Inclusive Gang Enforcement and Urban Resistance: A Comparison Between Two Cities
Elizabeth BrownCrime, Governance, and Knowledge Production: The ‘Two Track Common Sense Approach’ to Juvenile Criminality in the United States
Martin Guevara Urbina and William Sakamoto WhiteWaiving Juveniles to Criminal Court: Court Officials Express Their Thoughts

35:4 (2008) Migrant Labor and Contested Public Space

Adalberto Aguirre, Jr.Immigration on the Public Mind: Immigration Reform in the Obama Administration
Tanya BasokThe Intersections of the Economic and Cultural in the U.S. Labor’s Pro-Migrant Politics
Loren K. RedwoodStrong-Arming Exploitable Labor: The State and Immigrant Workers in the Post-Katrina Gulf Coast
Carol Cleaveland and Laura KellyShared Social Space and Strategies to Find Work: An Exploratory Study of Mexican Day Laborers in Freehold, N.J.
Gregory M. Maney and Margaret AbrahamWhose Backyard? Boundary Making in NIMBY Opposition to Immigrant Services
John Horton, Linda Shaw, and Manuel H. MorenoSanctions as Everyday Resistance to Welfare Reform
Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., and Jennifer K. SimmersMexican Border Crossers: The Mexican Body in Immigration Discourse
Shabnam Koirala-AzadFrom Traitor to Collaborator: Nepali Social Action in the Context of Immigration, Transnationalism, and Diaspora

35:3 (2008) War, Crisis, and Transition

Matthew S. WilliamsThe Bush Administration, Debt Relief, and the War on Terror: Reforming the International Development System as Part of the Neoconservative Project
Dawn L. Rothe, Christopher W. Mullins, and Kent SandstromThe Rwandan Genocide: International Finance Policies and Human Rights
Dawn L. Rothe and Christopher W. MullinsBuilding Justice After War: The Use of Multiple Post-Conflict Justice Mechanisms
Rob WhiteToxic Cities: Globalizing the Problem of Waste
Nandita Sharma and Cynthia WrightDecolonizing Resistance, Challenging Colonial States
Margaret PowerReview of J. Patrice McSherry’s Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America
Scott GilmoreReview of Darius Rejali’s Torture and Democracy
William F. FeliceMoral Responsibility in a Time of War

35:2 (2008) Asian American and Pacific Islander Population Struggles for Social Justice

Michael Liu and Kim GeronChanging Neighborhood: Ethnic Enclaves and the Struggle for Social Justice
Jinah KimImmigrants, Racial Citizens, and the (Multi)Cultural Politics of Neoliberal Los Angeles
Diane C. Fujino Race, Place, Space, and Political Development: Japanese-American Radicalism in the “Pre-Movement” 1960s
May FuServe the People and You Help Yourself: Japanese American Anti-Drug Organizing in Los Angeles, 1969 to 1972
Bindi ShahThe Politics of Race and Education: Second-Generation Laotian Women Campaign for Improved Educational Services
Etsuko MaruokaWearing “Our Sword”: Post-September 11 Activism Among South Asian Muslim Women Student Organizations in New York
Lisa Sun-Hee ParkContinuing Significance of the Model Minority Myth: The Second Generation
Meera Deo, Christina Chin, Jenny J. Lee, Noriko Milman, and Nancy Wang YuenMissing in Action: “Framing” Race in Prime-Time Television
Gregory ShankPaul T. Takagi Honored

35:1 (2008) Citizenship Surveillance of La Gente: Theory, Practice, and Cultural Citizen Voices

Veronica Vélez, Lindsay Perez Huber, Corina Benavides Lopez, Ariana de la Luz, and Daniel SolórzanoBattling for Human Rights and Social Justice: A Latina/o Critical Race Media Analysis of Latina/o Student Youth Activism in the Wake of 2006 Anti-Immigrant Sentiment
Dolores Delgado Bernal, Enrique Alemán, Jr., and Judith Flores CarmonaTransnational and Transgenerational Latina/o Cultural Citizenship Among Kindergarteners, Their Parents, and University Students in Utah
Melissa MorenoLessons of Belonging and Citizenship Among Hijas/os de Inmigrantes Mexicanos
David Alberto QuijadaReconciling Research, Rallies, and Citizenship: Reflections on Youth Led Diversity Workshops and Intercultural Alliances
Luis Urrieta, Jr., and Michelle ReidelCitizenship Normalizing and White Preservice Social Studies Teachers

34:3-4 (2007) Securing the Imperium: Criminal Justice Privatization and Neoliberal Globalization

Bob WeissIntroduction: From Cowboy Detectives to Soldiers of Fortune: The Recrudescence of Primitive Accumulation Security and Its Contradictions on the New Frontiers of Capitalist Expansion
Mark UngarThe Privatization of Citizen Security in Latin America: From Elite Guards to Neighborhood Vigilantes
Sue TrevaskesThe Private/Public Security Nexus in China
Michael Welch and Fatiniyah TurnerPrivate Corrections, Financial Infrastructure, and Transportation: The New Geo-Economy of Shipping Prisoners
Greg McElligottBearing the Neoconservative Burden? Frontline Work in Prisons
Craig PatersonCommercial Crime Control and the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders in England and Wales
David WhyteMarket Patriotism and the “War on Terror”
Vincenzo RuggieroPrivatizing International Conflict: War as Corporate Crime
Laura DickinsonPublic Participation/Private Contract
Brian Gran and William HenryHolding Private Prisons Accountable: A Socio-Legal Analysis of Prison Contracts
Sabelo GumedzeRegulating the Private Security Sector in South Africa
Wm. C. PetersThe State That Signed a Contract Felled the City: One Voice at the Intersection of Public War and Private Profit

34:2 (2007) Beyond Transnational Crime

David FriedrichsTransnational Crime and Global Criminology: Definitional, Typological and Contextual Conundrums
Jude McCullochTransnational Crime as Productive Fiction
Nancy A. WondersGlobalization, Border Reconstruction Projects, and Transnational Crime
Sharon PickeringTransnational Crime and Refugee Protection
Raymond MichalowskiBorder Militarization and Migrant Suffering: A Case of Transnational Social Injury
Leanne WeberPolicing the Virtual Border: Punitive Preemption in Australian Offshore Migration Control
Penny Green, Tony Ward, and Kirsten McConnachieLogging and Legality: Environmental Crime, Civil Society and the State
Simon R.M. MackenzieTransnational Crime, Local Denial
Elizabeth StanleyTransnational Crime and State-Building: The Case of Timor-Leste
Joo-Cheong ThamA Risk-Based Analysis of Australia’s Counterterrorism Financing Regime
Dave WhyteHire an American! Economic Tyranny and Corruption in Iraq

34:1 (2007) Art, Identity, and Social Justice

Maria X. MartinezThe Art of Social Justice
Victoria FosterThe Art of Empathy: Employing the Arts in Social Inquiry with Poor Working-Class Women
Joanna Gardner-HuggettThe Women Artists’ Cooperative Space as a Site for Social Change: Artemisia Gallery, Chicago (1973-1979)
Edward J. McCaughanNavigating the Labyrinth of Silence: Feminist Artists in Mexico
Cynthia FowlerHybridity as a Strategy for Self-Determination in Contemporary American Indian Art
Ian Gregory StrachanTheater in the Bush: Art, Politics and Community in the Bahamas
Amy Jo GoddardStaging Activism: New York City Performing Artists as Cultural Workers
D. Mark WilsonPost-Pomo Hip-Hop Homos: Hip-Hop Art, Gay Rappers, and Social Change
Alejandra OsorioPostcards in the Porfirian Imaginary

33:4 (2006) Deaths in Custody and Detention

Bree CarltonFrom H Division to Abu Ghraib: Regimes of Justification and the Historical Proliferation of State-Inflicted Terror and Violence in Maximum-Security
Chris CunneenAboriginal Deaths in Custody: A Continuing Systematic Abuse
Barry GoldsonFatal Injustice: Rampant Punitiveness, Child-Prisoner Deaths, and Institutionalized Denial — A Case for Comprehensive Independent Inquiry in England and Wales
Paul HowardThe Long Kesh Hunger Strikers: 25 Years Later
Jude McCulloch and Vicki SentasThe Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes: Hyper-Militarism in the Neoliberal Economic Free Fire Zone
Craig W.J. MinogueThen and Now, Us and Them: A Historical Reflection on Deaths in and out of Custody
Phil ScratonThey’d all love me dead… The Investigation, Inquest, and Implications of the Death of Annie Kelly
Deb Coles and Helen ShawComment: Deaths in Custody-Truth, Justice and Accountability? The Work of INQUEST
Nick MossComment: Racism and Custody Deaths in the U.K.: The Zahid Mubarek Inquiry
Rita MaranDetention and Torture in Guantanamo
Steve J. MartinStaff Use of Force in U.S. Confinement Settings: Lawful Control Tactics Versus Corporal Punishment
Bree CarltonReview of Intractable: Hell Has a Name, Life Inside Australia’s First Super-Max Prison
Anna ErikssonReview of Global Lockdown: Race, Gender, and the Prison-Industrial Complex
Bill RolstonReview of Bobby Sands: Nothing but an Unfinished Song
Mumia Abu JamalReview of O’Hearn’s Work on Bobby Sands, Unfinished Song
Tony PlattThe Prison Fix: Review of Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California

33:3 (2006) Privatization and Resistance: Contesting Neoliberal Globalization

Alan EmeryPrivatization, Neoliberal Development, and the Struggle for Workers’ Rights in Post Apartheid South Africa
Matthias Naumann and Markus WissenA New Logic of Infrastructure Supply: The Commercialization of Water and the Transformation of Urban Governance in Germany
Ellen Reese, Eric Vega, and Vincentas Rolandas GiedraitisWelfare Is Not for Sale: Campaigns Against Welfare Profiteers in Milwaukee
Tracy FisherRace, Neoliberalism, and “Welfare Reform” in Britain
Volker EickPreventive Urban Discipline: Rent-a-cops and Neoliberal Glocalization in Germany
Nik Theodore, Nina Martin, and Ryan HollonSecuring the City: Emerging Markets in the Private Provision of Security Services in Chicago
Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., and Frances VuEminent Domain and City Redevelopment in California: An Overview and Case Study
Andrej HolmUrban Renewal and the End of Social Housing: Roll Out of Neoliberalism in East Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg
Beatriz Garcia Peralta and Andreas HoferHousing for the Working Class of Mexico City: A New Version of Gated Communities
Ute Lehrer and Andrea WinklerPublic or Private? The Pope Squat and Housing Struggles in Toronto
John KrinskyThe Dialectics of Privatization and Advocacy in New York City’s Workfare State
Paul Almeida and Erica WalkerThe Pace of Neoliberal Globalization: A Comparison of Three Popular Movement Campaigns in Central America

33:2 (2006) Art, Power, and Social Change

Mikkel Bolt RasmussenCounterrevolution, the Spectacle, and the Situationist Avant-Garde
Simeon HunterSituating Situationism/Supporting Its Legacy–Reply to Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen(Not) Being on Time: The Legacy of the Situationist International–Response to Simeon Hunter
Deniz TekinerFormalist Art Criticism and the Politics of Meaning
Connie L. McNeely and Gordon ShockleyDeconstructing U.S. Arts Policy: A Dialectical Exposition of the Excellence-Access Debate
William FargeThe Politics of Culture and the Art of Dissent in Early Modern Japan
Ming-cheng M. Lo, Christopher P. Bettinger, and Yun FanDeploying Weapons of the Weak in Civil Society: Political Culture in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Andreana ClayAll I Need Is One Mic: Mobilizing Youth for Social Change in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Cynthia MillerImages from the Streets: Art for Social Change from the Homeless Photography Project
Silvia R. TandeciarzMnemonic Hauntings: Photography as Art of the Missing
Edward J. McCaughanNotes on Mexican Art, Social Movements, and Anzaldúa’s “Conocimiento”
Maris BustamanteNew Transdisciplinary Visualities as an Alternative to Redistribute the Power of Thought

33:1 (2006) Immigration Rights and National Insecurity

Susanne JonasReflections on the Great Immigration Battle of 2006 and the Future of the Americas
William WaltersNoborder: Games With(out) Frontiers
Bernard HeadleyGiving Critical Context to the Deportee Phenomenon
Todd GordonNeoliberalism, Racism, and the War on Drugs in Canada
Christie Sennott and John GalliherLifetime Felony Disenfranchisement in Florida, Texas, and Iowa: Symbolic and Instrumental Law
Torin MonahanSecuring the Homeland: Torture, Preparedness, and the Right to Let Die
Olga Talamante, interviewed by Suzie Dod ThomasDirty Wars: On the Unacceptability of Torture — A Conversation
Robert P. WeissThe American Culture of Torture: A Review Essay
Donald GutierrezReview of Gareau, The United States and State Terrorism
Dawn L. Rothe and David O. FriedrichsThe State of the Criminology of Crimes of the State
Simon MackenzieSystematic Crimes of the Powerful: Criminal Aspects of the Global Economy
Tony PlattIn and out of the Shadow of the Holocaust
Elizabeth MartínezElect, Select, Reflect

32:4 (2005) Race, Racism, and Empire: Reflections on Canada

Sherene RazackGeopolitics, Culture Clash, and Gender After September 11
Sedef Arat-KocThe Disciplinary Boundaries of Canadian Identity After September 11: Civilizational Identity, Multiculturalism, and the Challenge of Anti-Imperialist Feminism
Yasmin JiwaniThe Great White North Encounters September 11: Race, Gender, and Nation in Canada’s National Daily, The Globe and Mail
Andil GosineDying Planet, Deadly People: “Race”-Sex Anxieties and Alternative Globalizations
Narda RazackBodies on the Move
Kiran MirchandaniGender Eclipsed? Racial Hierarchies in Transnational Call Center Work
Bonita Lawrence and Enakshi DuaDecolonizing Anti-Racism
Himani BannerjiReflections on Class and Race: Building on Marx
Gordon PonAntiracism in the Cosmopolis: Race, Class, and Gender in the Lives of Elite Chinese Canadian Women
Jody Nyasha WarnerAfrica in Canadian Academic Libraries: A Continent’s Voices Go Missing

32:3 (2005) Waging War over Public Education and Youth Services: Challenging Corporate Control of Our Schools and Communities

Luis RodriguezThe End of the Line: California Gangs and the Promise of Street Peace
Shawn Ginwright, Julio Cammarota, and Pedro NogueraYouth, Social Justice, and Communities: Toward a Theory of Urban Youth Policy
Rosemary HenzeLittle Sisters: An Exploration of Agency, Borderlands, and Institutional Constraints in the Lives of Two Teenage Girls
Josie Arce, Ali Borjian, Marguerite Conrad, and Debra LunaNo Child Left Behind: Who Wins, Who Loses?
Jabari MahiriFrom the 3 R’s to the 3 C’s: Corporate Curriculum and Culture in Public Schools
Kitty Kelly EpsteinThe Whitening of the American Teaching Force: A Problem of Recruitment or a Problem of Racism
Theresa Montaño, Sharon H. Ulanoff, Rosalinda Quintanar-Sarellana, and Lynne AokiThe DEbilingualization of California’s Prospective Bilingual Teachers
Hernán VeraReview of Melanie Bush, Breaking the Code of Good Intentions
Renee ShankReview of Rethinking Mathematics
Ken KyleTo See or Not to See the Crisis in the Academy: A Call for Action
Adalberto Aguirre and Brooke JohnsonMilitarizing Youth in Public Education: Observations from a Military-Style Charter School
Stuart TannockIs “Opting Out” Really an Answer? Schools, Militarism, and the Counter-Recruitment Movement in Post-September 11 United States at War

32:2 (2005) The Many Faces of Violence

Gregory ShankRemembering Andre Gunder Frank
Tony PlattSteve Wasserman Moves On
Tony Platt Engaging the Past: Charles M. Goethe, American Eugenics, and Sacramento State University
Ralph Armbruster-SandovalIs Another World Possible, Is Another Classroom Possible? Radical Pedagogy, Activism, and Social Change
Ronald Kramer, Raymond Michalowski, and Dawn RotheThe Supreme International Crime: How the U.S. War in Iraq Threatens the Rule of Law
Laurie TaylorThe Other Side of the Street
Jasmin HristovFreedom and Democracy or Hunger and Terror: Neoliberalism and Militarization in Latin America
Anthony W. Pereira and Jorge ZaveruchaThe Neglected Stepchild: Military Justice and Democratic Transition in Chile
Donna BainesCriminalizing the Care Work Zone? The Gendered Dynamics of Using Legal and Administrative Strategies to Confront Workplace Violence
Michael Lenza, David Keys, and Teresa GuessThe Prevailing Injustices in the Application of the Missouri Death Penalty (1978 to 1996)
Dennis BroeClass, Labor, and the Homefront Detective: Hammett, Chandler, Woolrich, and the Dissident Lawman (and Woman) in 1940s Hollywood and Beyond

32:1 (2005) Emerging Imaginaries of Regulation, Control, and Oppression

Tony KearonWe Have Never Been Liberal — Bourgeois Identity and the Criminal(ized) Other
Chris Greer and Yvonne JewkesExtremes of Otherness: Media Images of Social Exclusion
Simon HallsworthThe Feminization of the Corporation, the Masculinization of the State
Mark BrownThat Heavy Machine: Reprising the Colonial Apparatus in 21st-Century Social Control
Farid Samir Benavides-VanegasFrom Santander to Camilo and Che: Graffiti and Resistance in Contemporary Colombia
Shani D’CruzeNegotiating Metropolitan Spaces and Identities: A Historian’s Reading of Tactics in 1920’s New York Homicide Trials
Maggie O’Neill, Phil Woods, and Mark WebsterNew Arrivals: Participatory Action Research, Imagined Communities, and “Visions” of Social Justice
Sandra WalklateImagining the Crime Victim: The Rhetoric of Victimhood as a Source of Oppression
Steve Hall, Simon Winlow, and Craig AncrumRadgies, Gangstas, and Mugs: Imaginary Criminal Identities in the Twilight of the Pseudo-Pacification Process
Jayne Mooney and Jock YoungImagining Terrorism: Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Terrorism, Two Ways of Doing Evil
Ronnie LippensDeep Structures of Empire: A Note on Imperial Machines and Bodies

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