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1994–1990 (Vols. 21:4–17:1)
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Vol. 21:4 (1994) Justice and the World System

Gregory Shank, Editorial Overview: Justice and the World System
Pat Lauderdale, Ken Kyle, and Annamaria Oliverio, Millennia of Injustice from the View of Andre Gunder Frank
Shoji Ishitsuka, The Fall of Real Socialism and the Crisis in the Human Sciences, with Implications for Social Justice
José Larrea Gayarre, The Challenge of Liberation Theology to Neoliberal Economic Theory
Pat O’Malley, Gentle Genocide: The Government of Aboriginal Peoples in Central Australia
Jenny Hocking, Charting Political Space: Surveillance and the Rule of Law
Tom Meisenhelder, The Decline of Socialism in Zimbabwe
Ake Sandberg, Justice at Work: On Solidaristic Work Policy as a Renewal of the Swedish Labor Market Model?

Vol. 21:3 (1994) Crime and Justice in the Clinton Era

Anthony M. Platt, Editorial: Crime and Justice in the Clinton Era
Anthony M. Platt, The Politics of Law and Order
Marc Mauer, The Fragility of Criminal Justice Reform
Diana Gordon, Drugspeak and the Clinton Administration: A Lost Opportunity for Drug Policy Reform
Barry Krisberg, Distorted by Fear: The Make-Believe War on Crime
Lynn Chancer and Pamela Donovan, A Mass Psychology of Punishment: Crime and the Futility of Rationality-Based Approaches
Tony Poveda, Clinton, Crime, and the Justice Department
June Kress, Homeless Fatigue Syndrome: The Backlash Against the Crime of Homelessness in the 1990s
Donald Specter, Cruel and Unusual Punishment of the Mentally Ill in California’s Prisons: A Case Study of a Class Action Suit
Robert Perkinson, Shackled Justice: Florence Federal Penitentiary and the New Politics of Punishment
Gregg Barak, Between the Waves: Mass Mediated Themes of Crime and Justice
Leslie Wilkins, Don’t Alter Your Mind — It’s the World That’s Out of Joint
Lynn Zimmer, Review of Diana Gordon, The Return of the Dangerous Classes
Editors, BiblioFile

Vol. 21:2 (1994) Japan Enters the 21st Century

Gregory Shank, Japan Enters the 21st Century: An Editorial Overview
Gregory Shank, Japan-U.S. Relations Toward the 21st Century
Gregory Shank, Japan-U.S. Trade War?
Sato Ikeda, Japanese Accumulation Structure and the Postwar World System
Momo Iida, The Fall of the 1955 System in Japanese Politics and the Current Crisis in Hegemony
Saskia Sassen, Economic Internationalization: The New Migration in Japan and the United States
H.A. Yun, The Political Process in Singapore’s New Industrialization
Tetsuya Fujimoto and Won-Kyu Park, Is Japan Exceptional? Reconsidering Japanese Crime Rates
Kyoko Kodera, The Reality of Equality for Japanese Female Workers: Women’s Careers within the Japanese Style of Management
Miho Omi, Forum Yokohama, On Women’s Centers in Japan
Bill Mihalopoulos, The Making of Prostitutes in Japan: The Karayuki-san
Ken’ichi Kawasaki, Youth Culture in Japan
Lill Scherdin, The Creation of “Strangers” and Punishment in Japan
Masaki Nibe, Summary of the Japan Federation of Bar Association’s Report on the Application and Practice in Japan of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Vol. 21:1 (1994) Women and Welfare Reform

Editors, Editorial
Gwendolyn Mink, Preface to “Women and Welfare Reform”
Congresswoman Patsy Mink, Welcome from the Women and Welfare Reform Conference Organizers
Marian Kramer, Remarks on the National Welfare Rights Union
Linda Gordon, How We Got “Welfare”: A History of the Mistakes of the Past
Mimi Abramovitz, Challenging the Myths of Welfare Reform from a Woman’s Perspective
Rickie Solinger, Poor and Pregnant in the United States: 1950s, 1970s, 1990s
Valerie Polakow, Welfare Reform and the Assault on Daily Life: Targeting Single Mothers and Their Children
Terese Amott, Reforming Welfare or Reforming the Labor Market: Lessons from the Massachusetts Employment Training Experience
Richard Cloward, The Workfare Hoax
Dorothy Trujillo, When Reality Meets Policy
Erika Kates, Improving Access to Higher Education for AFDC Recipients
David Ellwood, Welfare Reform and the Clinton Administration
Roberta Spalter-Roth, The Real Employment Opportunities of Women Participating in AFDC: What the Market Can Provide
Ruth Brandwein, Women’s Reality: Making Welfare Work and Making Work Pay
Paula Roberts, Child Support Enforcement and Assurance: One Part of an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Women
Nancy Fraser, After the Family Wage: What Do Women Want in Social Welfare?
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, Introduction: Living on Welfare — A Personal View
Diana Pearce, Filling the Half-Full Glass: Designing a Welfare System That Works for Women
Teresa Funiciello, The Fifth Estate: How and Why the Poverty Industry Distorts Welfare Issues and Displaces the Interests of People on Welfare
Lynn Burbridge, Welfare in a World of Income Instability
Martha Davis, Women on the Move: Civilian Responses to the War on Poor Women
Heidi Hartmann and Congresswoman Patsy Mink, Wrap-Up
Gwendolyn Mink, Welfare Reform in Historical Perspective
Congressional Record, Subsidy Reform
Congressional Record, Welfare Reform: The Gender Issue
President Bill Clinton, Remarks by the President on Welfare Reform to Officials of Missouri and Participants of the Future Now Program
Sandra Meucci, Women and Welfare: Suggest Readings

Vols. 20:3-4 (1993) Global Crises, Local Struggles

Gregory Shank and Anthony M. Platt, Editorial: Global Crisis, Local Struggles
Rosa del Olmo, The Geopolitics of Narcotrafficking in Latin America
Jaime Osorio, Latin America: For a New Insertion in the World Economy
Saskia Sassen, Rebuilding the Global City: Economy, Ethnicity, and Space
Avotcja, A Very Subjective View of “Operation Wetback”
Janet E. Katz and Garland F. White, Engaging the Media: A Case Study of the Politics of the Media and Crime
David E. Barlow and Melissa Hickman Barlow, Cultural Diversity Training in Criminal Justice: A Progressive or Conservative Reform?
Jennifer Pearson, Centro Femenil: A Women’s Prison in Mexico
Daniel Nina, Community Justice in a Volatile South Africa: Containing Community Conflict, Clermont, Natal
Minor Sinclair (EPICA and CHRLA), Out of the Shadows: The Communities of Population in Resistance in Guatemala
Deborah L. Garlin, A Political Fugitive: The Case of Little Rock Reed (A Story of Due Process the American Way)
Anthony M. Platt, How to Overcome Fear and Loathing on the Academic Conference Trail: Practical Tips for Beginners
Heyward Lewis Osteen, The Pittsburgh Snowman (poem)
Jeff Ferrell, The World Politics of Wall Painting
Mark Hamm, Doing Criminology Like It Matters: A Review Essay on Jeff Ferrell’s Crimes of Style
Mona Danner, Review of Criminology
Editors, Bulletin Board

Vols. 20:1-2 (1993) Rethinking Race

Anthony M. PlattEditorial: Rethinking Race
, Chris Hani Assassinated
Elaine Kim, Home Is Where the Han Is: A Korean American Perspective on the Los Angeles Upheavals
Elizabeth Martínez, Beyond Black/White: The Racisms of Our Time
John Brown Childs, Toward Trans-Communality, The Highest Stage of Multiculturalism: Notes on the Future of African-Americans
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Invasion of the Americas and the Making of the Metizocoyote Nation: Heritage of the Invasion
Kathleen Daly, Class-Race-Gender: Sloganeering in Search of Meaning
Anthony M. Platt, Beyond the Canon, with Great Difficulty
Edward J. McCaughan, Race, Nation, Ethnicity, and Class within Theories of Structure and Agency
Stuart Hall, What Is This “Black” in Black Popular Culture?
Dana Y. Takagi, Asian Americans and Racial Politics: A Postmodern Paradox
Anthony M. Platt, Between Scorn and Longing: Frazier’s Black Bourgeoisie
The Honorable Justin M. Johnson, Flotsam on the Sea of Humanity: A View from the Bench on Class, Race, and Gender
Adalberto Aguirre and David Baker, Racial Prejudice and the Death Penalty: A Research Note
Luis J. Rodriguez, “Together, Forever, Tonight”: Latinos and Social Revolution in the United States
Francis A. Boyle and Lee Penya, Open Letter to All Progressive People in Mexico on Executions
Monique Fordham, Within the Iron Houses: The Struggle for Native American Religious Freedom in American Prisons
Editors, Native American Struggles: Leonard Peltier and Norma Jean Croy
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, New Memoirs of the Black Panther Party
Editors, Bulletin Board

Vol. 19:4 (1992) Latin America Faces the 21st Century

Susanne Jonas, Dedication and Tribute
Susanne Jonas and Ed McCaughan, Introduction to “Latin America Faces the 21st Century”
Franz J. Hinkelammert, Our Project for the New Society in Latin America: The Regulating Role of the State and Problems of Self-Regulation in the Market
Jaime Osorio, Liberalism, Democracy, and Socialism
Ruy Mauro Marini, The Paths of Latin American Integration
Lucrecia Lozano, Adjustment and Democracy in Latin America
Marta Harnecker, Democracy and Revolutionary Movement
Carlos Vilas, Latin America: Socialist Perspectives in Times of Cholera (Preliminary Notes for a Necessary Debate)
Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, The Continental Development and Trade Initiative
Asa Cristina Laurell, For an Alternate Social Policy: The Production of Public Services
Mario Lungo Uclés, Redefining Democracy in El Salvador: New Spaces and New Practices for the 1990s
Suzy Castor, Democracy and Society in Haiti: Structures of Domination and Resistance to Change
Luis Stolovich, Uruguay: The Paradoxes and Perplexities of an Uncommon Left
Pablo Gonzalez Casanova, Thinking About Cuba

Vol. 19:3 (1992) Focus on Resistance, Rights, and Justice

Gregory Shank, Introduction to “Focus on Resistance, Rights, and Justice”
Patti McSherry and Raúl Mejía Molina, Confronting the Question of Justice in Guatemala
George Pavlich, People’s Courts, Postmodern Difference, and Socialist Justice in South Africa
Fouad Moughrabi, Israeli Control and Palestinian Resistance
Harry Brill, Government Breaks the Law: The Sabotaging of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
Neil Websdale, Female Suffrage, Male Violence, and Law Enforcement in Lane County, Oregon, 1853-1860: An Ascending Analysis of Power
Patricia Pedersen, The Good Old Days (poem); Evelyn Shann, And Justice Wept (poem); David Dod, Judgment Seat (poem)
Jeff Ferrell, Making Sense of Crime: A Review Essay on Jack Katz’s Seductions of Crime
Dragan Milovanovic, Review of Reiman, Justice and Modern Moral Philosophy
Jeffrey Reiman, From Criminal Justice to Moral Philosophy: Reply to Dragan Milovanovic
Michael J. Lynch, Review of Shoemaker, Theories of Delinquency
Kersti Yllö, Review of Woman Abuse: Sociological Perspectives, by Walter DeKeseredy and Ronald Hinch
Chris McCormick, Review of Watney, Policing Desire: Pornography, AIDS, and the Media
Editors, Bulletin Board

Vol. 19:2 (1992) Columbus on Trial

Editors, Five Hundred Years of Genocide, Repression, and Resistance
M. Annette Jaimes, Re-Visioning Native America: An Indigenist View of Primitivism and Industrialism
Hans Koning, The Legacy of Columbus
Ward Churchill, Deconstructing the Columbus Myth: Was the “Great Discoverer” Italian or Spanish, Nazi or Jew?
Odessa Ramirez, 1992 — The Year of Indigenous Peoples
Rigoberta Menchú, The Quincentenary — A Gift of Life: A Message from the Indigenous People of Guatemala
Piri Thomas and Suzie Dod Thomas, Puerto Rico — 500 Years of Oppression
Odessa Ramirez, The Loss of Native Lands and Economic Blackmail
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Review Essay: In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
Elizabeth Martínez, Defending the Earth in ’92: The People’s Challenge to the EPA
Bill Bigelow, Once Upon a Genocide: Christopher Columbus in Children’s Literature
Anthony M. Platt, Defenders of the Canon: What’s Behind the Attack on Multiculturalism?
Luis J. Rodriguez, Poetry and the Politics of Difference
María Leena Ramírez, Resistance Rap
Editors, Significant Resources on the Quincentennial
Editors, Bulletin Board

Vol. 19:1 (1992) World Order, Power, and Politics in the 1990s

Anthony M. Platt, The Fire This Time
Gregory Shank, Global Change and Social Justice: An Introduction
Samir Amin, U.S. Militarism in the New World Order
Immanuel Wallerstein, Liberalism and the Legitimation of Nation-States: An Historical Interpretation
Andre Gunder Frank, Nothing New in the East: No New World Order
James O’Connor, Murder on the Orient Express: The Political Economy of the Gulf War
Elizabeth McLean Petras, The Shirt on Your Back: Immigrant Workers and the Reorganization of the Garment Industry
Barbara Epstein, The Antiwar Movement During the Gulf War
Esther Amaral, Immigration at the Tijuana River
Andrew Hayes, War Babies Cry for Peace! War Babies Cry for Justice! (poem)
Belinda Subraman, Don’t You Love the Lingo? / While Hussein Kneels (poems)
Herman Schwendinger and Julia R. Schwendinger, Review of Gregg Barak, Gimme Shelter
Edward S. Herman, Western State Terrorism and Its Apologetics
Editors, Bulletin Board

Vol. 18:4 (1991) The War on Drugs: Commentary and Critique

Mark Rabine, The War on Drugs: A Commentary
Rosa del Olmo, The Hidden Face of Drugs
Pat O’Malley and Stephen Mugford, The Demand for Intoxicating Commodities: Implications for the “War on Drugs”
Edward S. Herman, Drug Wars: Appearance and Reality
Henry H. Brownstein, The Media and the Construction of Random Drug Violence
Franklin E. Zimring and Gordon Hawkins, What Kind of Drug War?
Pat O’Malley and Stephen Mugford, Moral Technology: The Political Agenda of Random Drug Testing
Christina Johns, The War on Drugs: Why the Administration Continues to Pursue a Policy of Criminalization and Enforcement
Elizabeth Martínez, The Home Front: Interview with Hardy Frye

Vol. 18:3 (1991) Attica: 1971-1991 — A Commemorative Issue

Robert P. Weiss, Editor, Attica: The “Bitter Lessons” Forgotten?
Michael E. Deutsch, Dennis Cunningham, and Elizabeth M. Fink, Twenty Years Later—Attica Civil Rights Case Finally Cleared for Trial
John K. Simon, Michel Foucault on Attica: An Interview
Robert P. Weiss, “The Order of Attica”
Vicky Munro-Bjorklund, Popular Cultural Images of Criminals and Prisoners since Attica
David Gilbert, “These Criminals Have No Respect for Human Life”
Robert Weiss, Guest Editor’s Interview
Michael E. Deutsch and Jan Susler, Political Prisoners in the United States: The Hidden Reality
Joe Sim, “We Are Not Animals, We Are Human Beings”: Prisons, Protest, and Politics in England and Wales, 1969-1990
John Lowman and Brian MacLean, Prisons and Protest in Canada
Elmer H. Johnson, Managing Prisoners in Japan: “Attica” Is Not Probable
Adela Beckerman, Women in Prison: The Conflict between Confinement and Parental Rights
Kelly (Hannah) Moffat, Creating Choices or Repeating History: Canadian Female Offenders and Correctional Reform
Dragan Milovanovic and Stuart Henry, Constitutive Penology
Tony Ward, Review Essay on Prisons under Protest
Martin B. Miller, A Heartless Anatomy of Five Prison Riots
Jim Thomas and Sharon Boehlefeld, Rethinking Abolitionism: “What Do We Do with Henry?” Review of de Haan, The Politics of Redress
Piri Thomas, From: Seven Long Times
Joanne Clark, Snapshots of Monroe Reformatory
Donald Zaremba, Escape
Jerome Washington, A Bright Spot in the Yard
Editors, In Memoriam, Shirley Cereseto

Vols. 18:1-2 (1991) South Africa in Transition

Gregory Shank, South Africa in Transition
Albie Sachs, The Constitutional Position of White South Africans in a Democratic South Africa
Nicholas Haysom, Democracy, Constitutionalism, and the ANC’s Bill of Right for a New South Africa
Constitutional Committee of the African National Congress, African National Congress: A Bill of Rights for a Democratic South Africa — Working Draft for Consultation
Dennis M. Davis, Remaking the Legal Order and Implementing the Rule of Law in South Africa
John Dugard, The Role of International Law in the Struggle for Liberation in South Africa
Munyonzwe Hamalengwa, The Death Penalty in the Context of Commission of Crimes Against Humanity in South Africa: An Historical Perspective
Mark Phillips and Laurie Nathan, The Changing of the Guard: The Security Forces in Transition
Keyan G. Tomaselli and P. Eric Louw, Disinformation and the South African Defense Force’s Theory of War
Nico Steytler, Democratizing the Criminal Justice System in South Africa
Derrick Fine, The Changing Role of Paralegals in Building a Post-Apartheid South Africa
Eliphas Mukonoweshuro, Between Verwoerd and the ANC: Profiles of Contemporary Repression, Deprivation, and Poverty in South Africa’s “Bantustans”
Gerhard Maré, History and Dimension of the Violence in Natal: Inkatha’s Role in Negotiating a Political Peace
Lloyd Vogelman and Gillian Eagle, Overcoming Endemic Violence Against Women in South Africa
Pieter Le Roux, The South African Economy and the Democratic Imperative
Steven Gelb, Democratizing Economic Growth: Crisis and Growth Models for the Future
Alan Morris and Jonathan Hyslop, Education in South Africa: The Present Crisis and the Problems of Reconstruction
Ronald Weitzer, Review of Towards Justice? Crime and State Control in South Africa
Gregory Shank, South Africa in the World Economy

Vol. 17:4 (1990) Ideology and Penal Reform in the 1990s

Editors, In Memoriam: Bernard Diamond, Torn Murton, Casey Groves 
Gregory Shank
, Introduction: Ideology and Penal Reform in the 1990s
Andre Gunder Frank, No End to History! History to No End?
Ken Hatt, Tullio Caputo, and Barbara Perry, Managing Consent: Canada’s Experience with Neoconservatism
David Greenberg, The Cost Benefit Analysis of Imprisonment
Alexander Esteves, Electronic Incarceration in Massachusetts: A Critical Analysis
Pat Carlen, Women, Crime, Feminism, and Realism
David Dodd, America in the King Years
Philip Agee, Torture as an Instrument of National Policy: France 1954-1962
Michael Welch, Only Following Orders . . . Lt. Wm. Calley, Lt. Col. Ollie North and Others: A Review of Crimes of Obedience
Cynthia Mahabir, A Review of Before the Bulldozer: The Nambiquera Indians and the World Bank
Robert M. Bohm, Two Books on the Death Penalty
Corey Weinstein, Shattering the Myth of Humane Imprisonment in the United States

Vol. 17:3 (1990) Feminism and the Social Control of Gender

Suzie Dod Thomas and Nancy Stein, Editorial: Feminism and the Social Control of Gender
Kathleen Daly, Reflections on Feminist Legal Thought
Sandra Walklate, Researching Victims of Crime: Critical Victimology
Martha E. Gimenez, The Feminization of Poverty: Myth or Reality?
Kathleen J. Ferraro, Review Essay: Culture, Feminism and Male Violence
John Martin, Gender, Social Justice, and Criminology — A Review of Growing Up Good: Policing the Behavior of Girls in Europe
Marie Andrée Bertrand, Feminism and Sexuality: A Review of Towards a Feminist Theory of the State
Margaret A. Bortner, The Necessity and Inadequacy of the Reproductive Rights Discourse
Lisa Maher, Criminalizing Pregnancy — The Downside of a Kinder, Gentler Nation?
Bob Gould, Fear of Feminism: The Right Wing and Family Values
Jane Armbruster, Memory and Politics — A Reflection on the Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood
Regina Arnold, Processes of Victimization and Criminalization of Black Women
Karleen Faith, Mary Gottfriedson, Cherry Joe, Wendy Leonard, and Sharon McIvor, Native Women in Canada: A Quest for Justice
Cynthia Spence and Mona Phillips, Women, Values, and the Law: Women Teaching and Learning about Gender, Ideology, and Law
Carolyn Clark, Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality: On Angela Y. Davis’ Women, Culture, and Politics
Editors, Bulletin Board

Vol. 17:2 (1990) Criminality, Imprisonment, and Women’s Rights in the 1990s

Suzie Dod Thomas and Nancy Stein, Editorial: Criminality, Imprisonment, and Women’s Rights in the 1990s
Adrian Howe, Prologue to a History of Women’s Imprisonment: In Search of a Feminist Perspective
William Arp, Marilyn K. Dantico, and Marjorie S. Zatz, The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: Differential Impacts on Women?
Rosa del Olmo, The Economic Crisis and the Criminalization of the Latin American Woman
Jane Roberts Chapman, Violence Against Women as a Violation of Human Rights
Drew Humphries and Susan Caringella-MacDonald, Murdered Mothers, Missing Wives: Reconsidering Female Victimization
Judith Clark and Kathy Boudin, Community of Women Organize Themselves to Cope with the AIDS Crisis: A Case Study from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
Christina Jose-Kampfner, Coming to Terms with Existential Death: An Analysis of Women’s Adaptation to Life in Prison
Tina Johnson, The Impact of Women’s Consciousness on the History of the Present
Gregg Barak and Katheryn K. Russell, The Dialectics of Legal Reform: Reviews of The Civil Rights Society and Sex, Race, and the Law
Dorothy S. McClellan, Two Books on Women and Imprisonment
Deborah Baskin and Ira B. Sommers, The Gender Question in Research on Criminality
Editors, Bulletin Board

Vol. 17:1 (1990) On Responsibility

Paul Takagi, Introductory Comments: On Responsibility
Stan Cohen, Politics and Crime in Israel: Reactions from the Home Front
Diane Chehab, Poem on Palestine: Shades of Gray
Osha Newman, Echoes of the Past in the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict
Elia Zureik, Control of the Palestinians in the Jewish State: A Review Essay
Elizabeth Comack, Law and Order Issues in the Canadian Context: The Case of Capital Punishment
Jurg Gerber, Enforced Self-Regulation in the Infant Formula Industry: A Radical Extension of an “Impractical” Proposal
Michael Olivero, The Treatment of AIDS Behind the Walls of Correctional Facilities
Dorie Klein, Review of William J. Chambliss, Exploring Criminology
Jeff Ferrell, A Critical Criminologist Looks at Critical Criminology: A Review of Stanley Cohen’s Against Criminology
David O. Friedrichs, Sociolegal Theory and Critical Pedagogy: Review of Dragan Milovanovic, A Primer in the Sociology of Law
Mahesh K. Nalla, Review of Fradkin, Fallout: An American Nuclear Tragedy
Christina Jacqueline Johns, On Right-wing Power and Low-Intensity Conflict in U.S. Foreign Policy
Hal Pepinsky, Reproducing Violence: A Review Essay
Brian Burtch, Review of Blumberg, The Predatory Society: Deception in the American Marketplace
Editors, Bulletin Board

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