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1999–1995 (Vols. 26–22)
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26:4 (1999) Shadows of State Terrorism: Impunity in Latin America

Paz Rojas B.Impunity and the Inner History of Life
Javier Giraldo, S.J.Corrupted Justice and the Schizophrenic State in Colombia
Raúl Molina MejíaThe Struggle Against Impunity in Guatemala
Juan E. Méndez and Javier MariezcurrenaAccountability for Past Human Rights Violations: Contributions of the Inter-American Organs of Protection
Alejandro TeitelbaumStatute of the International Criminal Court: A Critique
Helen DuffyToward Eradicating Impunity: The Establishment of an International Criminal Court
J. Patrice McSherryOperation Condor: Clandestine Inter-American System
Kimberly F. JonesReview of Martha K. Huggins, Political Policing: The United States and Latin America
Charlene FloydReview of Neil Harvey, The Chiapas Rebellion: The Struggle for Land and Liberty
J. Patrice McSherryPhoto Essay

26:3 (1999) Beyond National: Identities, Social Problems, and Movements

Norma Chinchilla and Nora HamiltonChanging Networks and Alliances in a Transnational Context: Salvadoran and Guatemalan Immigrants in Southern California
Gaspar Rivera-SalgadoBinational Organizations of Mexican Migrants in the United States
Devra WeberHistorical Perspectives on Mexican Transnationalism: With Notes from Angumacutiro
Edward J. McCaughanSocial Movements, Globalization, and the Reconfiguration of Mexican/Chicano Nationalism
Alicia Schmidt CamachoOn the Borders of Solidarity: Race and Gender Contradictions in the “New Voice” Platform of the AFL-CIO
Sonia Otalvaro-HormillosaThe Homeless Diaspora of Queer Asian Americans
Leigh BinfordA Failure of Normalization: Transnational Migration, Crime, and Popular Justice in Contemporary Neoliberal Mexican Social Formation
María de la Luz Arriaga LemusNAFTA and the Trinational Coalition to Defend Public Education
Nancy ChurchillEl Paseo del Río San Francisco: Urban Development and Social Justice in Puebla, Mexico
Jan Marie FritzSearching for Environmental Justice: National Stories, Global Possibilities
Patrick NovotnyThe Post-Cold War Era, the Persian Gulf War, and the Peace and Justice Movement in the 1990s

26:2 (1999) 25th Anniversary Commemoration Issue

Gregg BarakReflexive Social Justice
Marie-Andrée BertrandThe Importance of Issues in Criminology in My Intellectual Life
Lynn S. ChancerTwenty-Five Years Later: Revisiting the Challenges to Social Justice
Nils Christie and Thomas MathiesenStill Difficult Times: Social Justice 25 Years Later
John ClarkeSocial Justice: A View from the Edge?
Elliott CurrieRadical Criminology — or Just Criminology — Then, and Now
Rosa del OlmoThe Development of Criminology in Latin America
Karleen FaithIn Praise of Political Education
Andre Gunder FrankA Testimonial Contribution to the 25th Anniversary Issue of Social Justice
John F. GalliherAgainst Administrative Criminology
Gilbert GeisA Quarter of a Century for Social Justice
Sidney L. Harring and Gerda W. RayPolicing a Class Society: New York City in the 1990s
Bernard D. HeadleyA Publication Dedicated to the Cause of Justice As It Is to Nourishment of Critical Thinking
Edward J. McCaughanLoss, Renewal, and Frida’s Blue House
Pat O’MalleySocial Justice After the “Death of the Social”
James PetrasBehind Every Great Fortune There Is a Great Crime
Al PinkneySeeking Social Justice, Then and Now
Anthony M. PlattRenewal
Herman Schwendinger and Julia R. SchwendingerThe First Edition
Gregory ShankLooking Back: Radical Criminology and Social Movements
Paul TakagiGrowing Up as a Japanese Boy in Sacramento County
Ian TaylorCrime and Social Criticism
Suzie Dod ThomasTwenty-Five Years of Involvement in Social Justice
Keyan G. TomaselliOn Social Justice: Apartheid and Beyond
Robert P. WeissReflections on Social Justice and the Prisoner Struggle
David WilliamsSocial Justice: 25 Years on, Social Justice Has an Important Task
Tim WiseThe Threat of a Good Example
EditorsCumulative Index by Author, 1974 to 1999 (Vol. 26, No. 1)

26:1 (1999) Human Rights, Gender Politics, and Postmodern Discourses

Gregory ShankCommentary: Not a Just War, Just a War — NATO’s Humanitarian Bombing Mission
Rita MaranInternational Human Rights in the U.S.: A Critique
Aaron DhirTibetan Self-Determination and Human Rights: A Conversation with Eva Herzer, International Committee for Lawyers for Tibet
Saliwe Kawewe and Robert DibieUnited Nations and the Problem of Women and Children Abuse in Third World Nations
Hedy Red Dexter and J.M. LagranderBible Devotionals Justify Traditional Gender Roles: A Political Agenda That Affects Social Policy
Enid LoganThe Wrong Race, Committing Crime, Doing Drugs, and Maladjusted for Motherhood: The Nation’s Fury over “Crack Babies”
Christopher MeisenkothenChemical Castration — Breaking the Cycle of Paraphiliac Recidivism
Jana BufkinBias Crime as Gendered Behavior
Bruce A. Arrigo and Christopher R. WilliamsChaos Theory and the Social Control Thesis: A Post-Foucauldian Analysis of Mental Illness and Involuntary Civil Confinement
Robert Carl Schehr and Dragan MilovanovicConflict Mediation and the Postmodern: Chaos, Catastrophe, and Psychoanalytic Semiotics
Arif DirlikReflections on Postmodernity: Streetlife China
Anthony M. PlattHumans Among Stone: New Books on Prisons, Race, and Crime
Norma Stoltz ChincillaThe Search for Alternatives to Neoliberalism in Latin America: Debates Among Left Liberals, Orthodox Socialists, and Renovative Socialists

25:4 (1998) Beyond the Neoliberal Peace: From Conflict Resolution to Social Reconciliation

Ronnie D. LipschutzBeyond the Neoliberal Peace: From Conflict Resolution to Social Reconciliation
Joel BeininPalestine and Israel: Perils of a Neoliberal Repressive Pax Americana
Susanne JonasCan Peace Bring Democracy or Social Justice? The Case of Guatemala
Elizabeth H. CrightonBeyond Neoliberalism: Peacemaking in Northern Ireland
Franke WilmerThe Social Construction of Conflict & Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia
Nancy Scheper-HughesUndoing: Social Suffering and the Politics of Remorse in the New South Africa
John Brown ChildsTranscommunality: From the Politics of Conversion to the Ethics of Respect in the Context of Cultural Diversity — Learning from Native American Philosophies with a Focus on the Haudenosaunee

25:3 (1998) Crossing Lines: Revisioning U.S. Race Relations

Elaine H. Kim“At Least You’re Not Black”: Asian Americans in U.S. Race Relations
Fernando E. GapasinLocal Union Transformation: Analyzing Issues of Race, Gender, Class and Democracy
Lisa LoweWork, Immigration, Gender: New Subjects of Cultural Politics
James CrawfordLanguage Politics in the U.S.A.: The Paradox of Bilingual Education
Gilberto Arriaza and Arturo AriasClaiming Collective Memory: Maya Languages and Civil Rights
Angie Y. Chung and Edward Taehan ChangFrom Third World Liberation to Multiple Oppression Politics: A Contemporary Approach to Interethnic Coalitions
Danny Widener“The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise”: African Americans y El Mundo Latino
Clarence LusaneFrom Crisis to Congress: Assessing the Black Radical Congress
Brian Coffey and Clark GockerRacial Disparities in Mortgage Lending: The Example of Urban Ohio
Anthony M. PlattEntitled: Confessions of a Model Meritocrat
Howard ZinnSaving Private Ryan

25:2 (1998) Defending Rights & Just Futures in the Real World Order

Dave BroadNew World Order Versus Just World Order
Ronnie LippensHypermodernity, Nomadic Subjectivities, and Radical Democracy
Julia Rothenberg and Andreas HeinzMeddling with Monkey Metaphors — Capitalism and the Threat of Impulsive Desires
Joseph MirandaWar or Pseudo-War
Matthew KnoesterWar in Colombia
Michael Huspek, Roberto Martinez, and Leticia JimenezViolations of Human and Civil Rights on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1995–1997: A Report
Alberto ArenasEducation and Nationalism in East Timor
Melissa BarlowRace and the Problem of Crime in Time and Newsweek Cover Stories, 1946 to 1995
Cathleen Burnett“Frivolous” Claims by the Attorney General
William Preston, Jr.A New Story of Civil Liberty in the United States

25:1 (1998) Disdained Mothers and Despised Others: The Politics and Impact of Welfare Reform

Rickie SolingerDependency and Choice: The Two Faces of Eve
Eileen BorisWhen Work Is Slavery
Nancy NaplesFrom Maximum Feasible Participation to Disenfranchisement
Frances Fox PivenWelfare and Work
Lynn FujiwaraImpact of Welfare Reform on Asian Immigrant Communities
Demie KurzWomen, Welfare and Domestic Violence
Eva KittayWelfare, Dependency, and a Public Ethic of Care
Gwendolyn MinkFeminists, Welfare Reform, and Welfare Justice

24:4 (1997) Losing a Generation: Probing the Myths and Reality of Youth and Violence

Luis J. RodríguezHearts and Hands: A New Paradigm for Work with Youth and Violence
Jeff FerrellYouth, Crime, and Cultural Space
Esther MadrizLatina Teenagers: Victimization, Identity, and Fear of Crime
Jabari MahiriStreet Scripts: African American Youth Writing about Crime and Violence
Susan Roberta KatzPresumed Guilty: How Schools Criminalize Latino Youth
Paul A. Perrone and Meda Chesney-LindRepresentations of Gangs and Delinquency: Wild in the Streets?
Jeanette CovingtonThe Social Construction of the Minority Drug Problem
Karen A. Joe Laidler and Geoffrey HuntViolence and Social Organization in Female Gangs
Edward J. LoughranThe Massachusetts Experience: A Historical Review of Reform in the Department of Youth Services
Laurie Schaffner, Shelley Shick, and Nancy SteinChanging Policy in San Francisco: Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Delores D. Jones-Brown and Zelma Weston HenriquezPromises and Pitfalls of Mentoring as a Juvenile Justice Strategy
Joani MarinoffThere Is Enough Time: Rethinking the Process of Policy Development
John Brown ChildsThe New Youth Peace Movement: Creating Broad Strategies for Community Renaissance in the United States
Nancy Stein Interviews Michael ZinzunThe Gang Truce: A Movement for Social Justice

24:3 (1997) Children and the Environment

Sandra Meucci and Michael Schwab, Children and the Environment: Young People’s Participation in Social Change
Michael Schwab, Sharing Power: Participatory Public Health Research with California Teens
Roger Hart, Collette Daiute, Selim Iltus, David Kritt, Michaela Rome, and Kim Sabo, Developmental Theory and Children’s Participation in Community Organizations
Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Working Children in Ecuador Mobilize for Change
Julie Chu, Navigating the Media Environment: How Youths Claim a Place through Zines
Sangre Latina, Mantel on the Table
Dana Saunders, Invisible Youth Reappear! A Review of Two Youth-Produced Videos
Sandra Meucci, What Is a Children’s Policy, Anyway?
Don Reneau, Z and Me
Sandra Meucci and Jim Redmon, Safe Spaces: California Children Enter a Policy Debate
Diane F. Reed and Edward L. Reed, Children of Incarcerated Parents
Jermaine Ashley, Dawn Samaniego, and Lian Cheun, How Oakland Turns Its Back on Teens: A Youth Perspective
Roger Hart and Michael Schwab, Children’s Rights and the Building of Democracy: A Dialogue on the International Movement for Children’s Participation
laria Salvadori, A Dragon in the Neighborhood: City Planning with Children in Milan, Italy
Robin C. Moore, The Need for Nature: A Childhood Right
Peggy Saika Interviews Sipfou Saechao, And Do You Feel Like This Is Your Country?

24:2 (1997) Reconfiguring Power: Challenges for the 21st Century

Jean IshibashiForeword to ‘Reconfiguring Power’
Gilberto ArriazaGrace Under Pressure: Immigrant Families and the Nation-State
Rebecca BenjaminSi Hablas Español Eres Mojado: Spanish as an Identity Marker in the Lives of Mexicano Children
Regina L. MartinezBeyond Mexico’s Woman: Negotiating Gender and Race in Dominant Narratives of Nation
J. Jorge Klor de Alva and Cornel WestBlack-Brown Relations: Are Alliances Possible?
Kim GeronThe Local/Global Context of the Los Angeles Hotel-Tourism Industry
Anthony M. PlattEnd Game: The Rise and Fall of Affirmative Action in Higher Education
Lily Wong FillmoreEquity and Education in the Age of New Racism: Issues for Educators
Eric Rofes, David Keiser, Tony Smith, and Matt WrayWhite Men and Affirmative Action: A Conversation
Pedro NogueraReconsidering the ‘Crisis’ of the Black Male in America
Bernard SchisselYouth Crime, Moral Panics, and the News: The Conspiracy Against the Marginalized in Canada

24:1 (1997) Structures of Power and Inequality

Anthony M. PlattThe Land That Never Has Been Yet: U.S. Race Relations at the Crossroads
Margo Okazawa-Rey and Marshall WongOrganizing in Communities of Color: Addressing Inter-Ethnic Conflicts
Mark Koetting and Vincent SchiraldiSingapore West: The Incarceration of 200,000 Californians
Neil Websdale and Byron JohnsonReducing Woman Battering: The Role of Structural Approaches
Joan HoffmanMacroeconomic Indicators and New York City Women’s Drug Arrests
William FeliceThe Copenhagen Summit: A Victory far the World Bank?
Andre C. DrainvilleContinental Integration and Civil Society in the Americas
Catherine Connolly and Julie Tennant-BurtThe NAFTA Agreement and U.S. Labor Discrimination
Dragan PetrovecResurrection of Victims in Eastern Europe
Earl ColemanSiblings

23:4 (1996) Environmental Victims

Christopher WilliamsEnvironmental Victims: An Introduction
Ken Saro-WiwaFinal Statement to the Tribunal
Jack Hirschman, Mali McGee, Diane Wang, and Sarah MenefeePoetry in Honor of Ken Saro-Wiwa
Anthony M. PlattMario Savio, The Heart of an Activist
Christopher WilliamsAn Environmental Victimology
Peter PenzEnvironmental Victims and State Sovereignty: A Normative Analysis
Sharon StephensReflections on Environmental Justice: Children as Victims and Actors
Alicia FentimanThe Anthropology of Oil: The Impact of the Oil Industry on a Fishing Community in the Niger Delta
Satinath SarangiThe Movement in Bhopal and Its Lessons
Rosemarie GillespieEcocide, Industrial Chemical Contamination, and the Corporate Profit Imperative: The Case of Bougainville
Meena SinghEnvironmental Security and Displaced People in Southern Africa
Sanford Lewis and Diane HenkelsGood Neighbor Agreements: A Tool for Environmental and Social Justice
Françoise Barten, Suzanne Fustukian, and Sylvia de HaanThe Occupational Health Needs of Workers: The Need for a New International Approach
Barbara DinhamIntroduction to the Charter of Rights Against Industrial Hazards: For Communities, Workers, and Protection of Their Environment
Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Industrial Hazards and Human RightsCharter on Industrial Hazards and Human Rights

23:3 (1996) Immigration: A Civil Rights Issue for the Americas in the 21st Century

Susanne Jonas and Suzie Dod ThomasEditors’ Introduction: Immigration, a Civil Rights Issue
Saskia SassenBeyond Sovereignty: Immigration Policy Making Today
Néstor RodríguezThe Battle for the Border: Notes on Autonomous Migration, Transnational Communities, and the State
Linda Miller MattheiGender and International Labor Migration: A Networks Approach
John IsbisterAre Immigration Controls Ethical?
Susanne JonasRethinking Immigration Policy and Citizenship in the Americas: A Regional Framework
J.C. MaloneRiding the Non-Stop Immigration Roller Coaster (A True Story)
John HortonThe Chinese Suburban Immigration and Political Diversity in Monterey Park, California
Nestor RodriguezU.S. Immigration and Intergroup Relations in the Late 20th Century: African Americans and Latinos
Lowell SachsTreacherous Waters in Turbulent Times: Navigating the Recent Sea Change in U.S. Immigration Policy and Attitudes
David BaconFor an Immigration Policy Based on Human Rights
Sara DiamondRight-Wing Politics and the Anti-Immigration Cause
Michael WelchThe Immigration Crisis: Detention as an Emerging Mechanism of Social Control

23:1-2 (1996) The World Today

Pablo González Casanova and John Saxe-FernándezPreface to ‘The World Today’
Samir AminThe Future of Global Polarization
Ralph MilibandThe New World Order and the Left
Bogdan DenitchDemocracy and the World Order: Dilemmas and Conflicts
Pablo Gonzalez CasanovaGlobalism, Neoliberalism, and Democracy
Arthur MacEwanGlobalization and Stagnation
John Saxe-FernándezNAFTA: The Intersection of the Geopolitics and Geoeconomics of Capital
Leo PanitchGlobalization, States, and Left Strategies
Daniel SingerEurope’s Crises
Milos NikolicEast-Central Europe: Transition to Market Economy and Democracy
Kiva MaidanikThe Problem of ‘Alternativeness’ in Russia’s Past, Present, and Eventual Future
Mahmood MamdaniIndirect Rule, Civil Society, and Ethnicity: The African Dilemma
Bernard Founou-TchuigouaThe State Subregion in the Future of Africa
Fawsy MansourThe Arab World Today
Faysal YachirWither the Arabic World?
Nirmal Kumar ChandraIndia in the South Asian Context
George AsenieroAsia in the World-System
William K. TabbThe East and the World Today
Lin ChunSituating China
Tessa Morris-SuzukiJapan: Beyond the ‘Lessons of Growth’
Carlos M. VilasLatin America and the New World Order
Atilio A. BorónGovernability and Democracy in Latin America
Peter BeilharzAustralian Laborism, Social Democracy, and Social Justice into the 1990s
Rita MaranAfter the Beijing Women’s Conference: What Will Be Done?
Gail Hershatter, Emily Honig, and Lisa RofelReflections on the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing and Huairou, 1995

22:4 (1995) Public Health in the 1990s: In the Shadow of Global Transformation and Militarism

Patrice Sutton and Robert GouldIntroduction: Public Health in the 1990s
John McMurtryThe Social Immune System and the Cancer Stage of Capitalism
Thomas BodenheimerThe Industrial Revolution in Health Care
Gilbert ElbazBeyond Anger: The Activist Construction of the AIDS Crisis
Barry S. LevyHealth and Social Effects of Worldwide Economic Transformation: Focus on Occupational and Environmental Health
Emily Merideth and Garrett BrownThe Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network: Case Study of Public Health without Borders
Janet GottschalkCairo to Beijing: Disaster Averted?
Jody WilliamsLandmines: A Global Socioeconomic Crisis
Velma L. Campbell and J. Ross VincentChemical Weapons Destruction: A Window of Opportunity
Michael VeiluvaFederal Responsibilities and Realities: An Alternative View of the Cleanup of the Nuclear Weapons Complex
Jacqueline Cabasso and Patrice SuttonNuclear Weapons: Now and Forever? The Role of Laboratory-Based Testing in Maintaining Nuclear Weapons
Victor W. Sidel and Robert C. Wesley, Jr., Violence as a Public Health Problem: Lessons for Action Against Violence by Health Care Professionals from the Work of the International Physicians Movement for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Robert GouldReview of Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach, by Thomas Bodenheimer and Kevin Grumbach

22:3 (1995) Racial and Political Justice

Gregory ShankEditorial Overview: Racial and Political Justice
Anthony M. PlattNo Easy Road to Freedom: Remapping the Struggle for Racial Equality
Nancy SteinAffirmative Action and the Persistence of Racism
Nancy Stein, CrossRoads, Questions and Answers about Affirmative Action
Campus Coalitions for Human Rights and Social JusticeCalifornia at a Crossroads: Social Strife or Social Unity?
Elízabeth MartínezAffirming Women’s Rights
Dave BroadGlobalization and the Casual Labor Problem: History and Prospects
Juan Valdés PazThe Socialist Transition in Cuba: Continuity and Change in the 1990s
Jeremy ColwillFrom Nuremberg to Bosnia: War Crimes Trials in the Modern Era
Nahzeem Oluwafemi MimikoBetween Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia: The Abacha Coup, the National Conference, and Prospects for Peace and Democracy in Nigeria
Nancy Scheper-HughesWho’s the Killer? Popular Justice and Human Rights in a South African Squatter Camp
Asafe JalataThe Emergence of Oromo Nationalism and Ethiopian Reaction
Ann Bar-DinRefugees, Expelled Communities, and the Edge of War: A Chiapas Journal

22:2 (1995) Justice under Clinton

Raymond J. Michalowski and Ronald KramerEditors’ Introduction
James F. DoyleA Radical Critique of Criminal Punishment
Jonathan SimonThey Died with Their Boots On: The Boot Camp and the Limits of Modern Penality
Marsha WoodburyClinton, Reno, and Freedom of Information: From Waldheim to Whitewater
Frederic I. Solop and Nancy A. WondersThe Politics of Inclusion: Private Voting Rights Under the Clinton Administration
Ronald Kramer and Raymond MichalowskiThe Iron Fist and the Velvet Tongue: Crime Control Policies in the Clinton Administration
William ChamblissAnother Lost War: The Costs and Consequences of Drug Prohibition
Paul Jesilow, Gilbert Geis, and John HarrisDoomed to Repeat Our Errors: Fraud in Emerging Health-Care Systems
Robert P. WeissReview of Poveda, Rethinking White-Collar Crime

22:1 (1995) Issues in Critical Criminology

Gregory ShankEditorial Overview: Issues in Critical Criminology
Piers BeirneThe Use and Abuse of Animals in Criminology: A Brief History and Current Review
Ronnie LippensCritical Criminologies and the Reconstruction of Utopia
Rob White and John van der VeldenClass and Criminality
Jurg Gerber and Eric FritchOrganizational Crime in NASA and Among Its Contractors: Using a Newspaper as a Data Source
Kenneth D. TunnellSilence of the Left: Reflections on Critical Criminology and Criminologists
Neil WebsdaleAn Ethnographic Assessment of the Policing of Ethnic Violence in Rural Eastern Kentucky
Devereaux KennedyOut of Time: The Curtis-Wells Anomaly and the History of American Corrections
Robert AckermannCrime and Individuality
Harold PepinskyReply to Ackermann on The Geometry of Violence and Democracy