Crossing Lines: Revisioning U.S. Race Relations, Vol. 25: 3, 1998



Elaine H. Kim, Susan Roberta Katz, and Anthony M. Platt, eds.

This issue appears as the momentous changes of the last 20 years–the decline of the civil rights coalition, the demise of mass movements for social justice, the rise of New Right and neoliberal politics, the dramatically changing demographics of the country, and divisions among various “racial” constituencies–greatly challenge the development of a vision and strategy for achieving social justice. The issue takes modest steps toward addressing how we might begin to forge new alliances in the post-civil rights era. Most essays call for a much more complex understanding of race relations and a need to transcend one-dimensional causality and single-issue politics. They also highlight the need to give much more prominence to the relationship between language, cultural identity, and citizenship.

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Editors, Editorial: Crossing Lines: Revisioning U.S. Race Relations [Free Download]

Elaine H. Kim, ‘At Least You’re Not Black’: Asian Americans in U.S. Race Relations

Fernando E. Gapasin, Local Union Transformation: Analyzing Issues of Race, Gender, Class, and Democracy

Lisa Lowe, Work, Immigration, Gender: New Subjects of Cultural Politics

James Crawford, Language Politics in the U.S.A.: The Paradox of Bilingual Education

Gilberto Arriaza and Arturo Arias, Claiming Collective Memory: Maya Languages and Civil Rights

Angie Y. Chung and Edward Taehan Chang, From Third World Liberation to Multiple Oppression Politics: A Contemporary Approach to Interethnic Coalitions

Danny Widener, ‘The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise’: African Americans y El Mundo Latino

Clarence Lusane, From Crisis to Congress: Assessing the Black Radical Congress

Brian Coffey and Clark Gocker, Racial Disparities in Mortgage Lending: The Example of Urban Ohio

Anthony M. Platt, Entitled: Confessions of a Model Meritocrat

Howard Zinn, Saving Private Ryan

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