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31:4 (2004) Native Women and State Violence

Haunani Kay TraskThe Color of Violence
Sarah DeerFederal Indian Law and Violent Crime: Native Women and Children at the Mercy of the State
Roxanne ChinookMy Spirit Lives
Myla Vincenti CarpioThe Lost Generation: American Indian Women and Sterilization Abuse
Luana RossNative Women, Mean-Spirited Drugs, and Punishing Policies
Stormy Ogden Ex-prisoner Pomo Woman Speaks Out
Roe Bubar and Pamela Jumper ThurmanViolence Against Native Women
Roe BubarPoetry
Andrea SmithBoarding School Abuses, Human Rights, and Reparations
Renya RamirezHealing, Violence, and Native American Women
Lisa Poupart Poetry and Prose
Inés Hernández-ÁvilaMy Eyes Breathe Fire and My Fingers Bleed Tears That Are the Ink of My Dreams

31:3 (2004) Social Justice for Workers in the Global Economy

Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., and Ellen ReeseThe Challenges of Globalization for Workers: Transnational and Transborder Issues
Carolina Bank MuñozMobile Capital, Immobile Labor: Inequality and Opportunity in the Tortilla Industry
Jill EsbenshadeCodes of Conduct: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers’ Rights
Margaret ZamudioAlienation and Resistance: New Possibilities for Working-Class Formation
Ester C. Apesoa-Varano and Charles S. VaranoNurses and Labor Activism in the United States: The Role of Class, Gender, and Ideology
Luis AguiarResisting Neoliberalism in Vancouver: An Uphill Struggle for Cleaners
Mark Hudson and Ian HudsonJustice, Sustainability, and the Fair Trade Movement: A Case Study of Coffee Production in Chiapas
Paul Takagi and Gregory ShankCritique of Restorative Justice
Yoko KatsuyamaReview of Jefferey Lesser (ed.), Searching for Home Abroad: Japanese Brazilians and Transnationalism
Shoon LioReview of Dorothy Jones, Toward a Just World: The Critical Years in the Search for International Justice
Tony PlattIn Memoriam: Richard Hongisto (1936-2004)

31:1-2 (2004) Resisting Militarism and Globalized Punishment

Tony PlattChallenging the Prison-Industrial Complex: A Symposium
Julia SudburyA World Without Prisons: Resisting Militarism, Globalized Punishment, and Empire
Marcus MahmoodCollateral Consequences of the Prison-Industrial Complex
Geoff WardPunishing for a Living: More on the Cementing of Prisons
Joe SimMilitarism, Criminal Justice, and the Hybrid Prison in England and Wales
Drew LederImprisoned Bodies: The Life-World of the Incarcerated
Susanne Jonas and Catherine TactaquinLatino Immigrant Rights in the Shadow of the National Security State: Responses to Domestic Preemptive Strikes
Manuel Pastor and Susan AlvaGuest Workers and the New Transnationalism: Possibilities and Realities in an Age of Repression
Michael WelchQuiet Constructions in the War on Terror: Subjecting Asylum Seekers to Unnecessary Detention
Phil ScratonStreets of Terror: Marginalization, Criminalization, and Authoritarian Renewal
Tony PlattThe State of Welfare: Crises and Challenges
Jokin Alberdi Bidaguren and Daniel NinaGovernability and Forms of Popular Justice in the New South Africa and Mozambique: Community Courts and Vigilantism
Craig Reinarman and Harry G. LevineCrack in the Rearview Mirror: Deconstructing Drug War Mythology
Anita Kalunta-CrumptonA Community Without a Drug Problem? Black Drug Use in Britain
Michael HuspekBlack Press, White Press, and Their Opposition: The Case of the Police Killing of Tyisha Miller
Martin G. UrbinaA Qualitative Analysis of Latinos Executed in the United States Between 1975 and 1995: Who Were They?

30:4 (2003) Applied Research and Social Justice

Laurie M. JoynerApplied Research in the Pursuit of Justice: Creating Change in the Community and the Academy
Jay WeinsteinCivics as Applied Sociology
Theresa Garvin and Renée Gravois LeeReflections on the “Policy-Relevant Turn” in Research
Manulani Aluli MeyerHawaiian Hermeneutics and the Triangulation of Meaning: Gross, Subtle, Causal
Theresa Ann Rosner-SalazarMulticultural Service-Learning and Community-Based Research as a Model Approach to Promote Social Justice
Randolph Haluza-DeLayWhen the Topic Is Racism: Research and Advocacy with a Community Coalition
Charles M. Tolbert, II, Forrest A. Deseran, and Troy C. BlanchardCommunities of Interest, Social Justice, and Congressional Redistricting: The Case of Louisiana’s Fourth District in the 1990s
Gwendolyn MinkFeminist Policy Scholars Intervene in Welfare Debate
Martha Fineman, Gwendolyn Mink, and Anna Marie SmithNo Promotion of Marriage in TANF!
Cathleen BurnettPassion Through the Profession: Being Both Activist and Academic

30:3 (2003) The Intersection of Ideologies of Violence

Sangeeta Kamat and Biju MathewMapping Political Violence in a Globalized World: The Case of Hindu Nationalism
Mariana MoraThe Imagination to Listen: Reflections on a Decade of Zapatista Struggle
Betsy Ogburn KonefalDefending the Pueblo: Indigenous Identity and Struggles for Social Justice in Guatemala, 1970 to 1980
Asale Angel-AjaniThe Racial Economies of Criminalization, Immigration, and Policing in Italy
Victoria SanfordLearning to Kill by Proxy: Colombian Paramilitaries and the Legacy of Central American Death Squads, Contras, and Civil Patrols
Ronnie CasellaThe False Allure of Security Technologies
Alberto ArenasIn Defense of Good Work: Jobs, Violence, and the Ethical Dimension
Deborah CookLegitimacy and Political Violence: A Habermasian Perspective
Rosario Ordoñez-Jasís and Pablo JasísBowling for Columbine: Critically Interrogating the Industry of Fear
Julia C. SudburyToward a Holistic Anti-Violence Agenda: Women of Color as Radical Bridge-Builders
Critical Resistance-Incite!Critical Resistance-Incite! Statement on Gender Violence and the Prison-Industrial Complex

30:2 (2003) War, Dissent & Justice: A Dialogue with Scholars, Activists & (Former) U.S. Political Prisoners

Joy JamesAcademia, Activism, and Imprisoned Intellectuals
Safiya Asya BukhariComing of Age: A Black Revolutionary
Frank B. Wilderson, IIIThe Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal
Jared SextonRace, Sexuality, and Political Struggle: Reading Soul on Ice
Ward ChurchillAgents of Repression: Withstanding the Test of Time
Laura WhitehornFighting to Get Them Out
Henry A. GirouxZero Tolerance, Domestic Militarization, and the War Against Youth
Dylan RodriguezSocial Truth and Imprisoned Radical Intellectuals
Liz AppelWhite Supremacy in the Movement Against the Prison-Industrial Complex
Geoff K. Ward and Manning MarableToward a New Civic Leadership: The Africana Criminal Justice Project
Donna WillmottIntroduction to Marilyn Buck’s “Incommunicado”: Dispatches From a Political Prisoner
Marilyn BuckIncommunicado: Dispatches from a Political Prisoner
Jill Sofiyah ElijahThe Reality of Political Prisoners in the United States: What September 11 Taught Us
Michele Naar-ObedNonviolent Peace Activism
Usha ZachariasLegitimizing Empire: Racial and Gender Politics of the War on Terrorism
Claude Marks and Rob McBrideRecovering, Amplifying, and Networking the Voices of the Disappeared — Political Prisoners on Internet Media
Alejandro MolinaCyberspace: The “Color Line” of the 21st Century

30:1 (2003) Race, Security, and Social Movements

Tony Platt and Cecilia O’LearyPatriot Acts
Dennis BroeClass, Crime, and Film Noir: Labor, the Fugitive Outsider, and the Anti-Authoritarian Tradition
Rod BushThe Civil Rights Movement and the Continuing Struggle for the Redemption of America
Asafa JalataComparing the African American and Oromo Movements in the Global Context
Steve MartinotThe Cultural Roots of Interventionism in the U.S.
Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., and Rubén MartinezThe Diversity Rationale in Higher Education: An Overview of the Contemporary Legal Context
Kara ZugmanPolitical Consciousness and New Social Movement Theory: The Case of Fuerza Unida
Andrew Woolford and R.S. RatnerNomadic Justice? Restorative Justice on the Margins of Law
Randall AmsterPatterns of Exclusion: Sanitizing Space, Criminalizing Homelessness
Barry Goetz and Roger MitchellCommunity-Building and Reintegrative Approaches to Community Policing: The Case of Drug Control
Dario MelossiA New Edition of Punishment and Social Structure Thirty-Five Years Later: A Timely Event

29:4 (2002) Pedagogies for Social Change

Susan Roberta Katz and Cecilia Elizabeth O’LearyOverview of New Pedagogies for Social Change
Christine E. SleeterState Curriculum Standards and the Shaping of Student Consciousness
Luís Armando Gandin and Michael AppleCan Education Challenge Neoliberalism? The Citizen School and the Struggle for Democracy in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Tony PlattDesegregating Multiculturalism: Problems in the Theory and Pedagogy of Diversity Education
Eugene E. García and Julie FigueroaAccess and Participation of Latinos in the University of California: A Current Macro and Micro Perspective
Ernest Morrell and Anthony M. CollatosToward a Critical Teacher Education: High School Student Sociologists as Teacher Educators
June GordonFrom Gangs to the Academy: Scholars Emerge by Reaching Back Through Critical Ethnography
Shawn Ginwright and Julio CammarotaNew Terrain in Youth Development: The Promise of a Social Justice Approach
Rina BenmayorNarrating Cultural Citizenship: Oral Histories of First-Generation College Students of Mexican Origin
Diana GarciaMaking Multiple Literacies Visible in the Writing Classroom: From Cupareo, Guanajuato, to Cal State, Monterey Bay
Frances Payne AdlerActivism in Academia: A Social Action Writing Program
Debra BusmanYou Gotta Be Ready for Some Serious Truth to Be Spoken
Tracey Weis, Rina Benmayor, Cecilia O’Leary, and Bret EynonDigital Technologies and Pedagogies
David TakacsPositionality, Epistemology, and Social Justice in the Classroom
Richard Bains and Amalia Mesa-BainsA Reciprocal University: A Model for Arts, Justice, and Community (Interview by Cecilia O’Leary)
Herbert KohlThe Fire This Time: A Review of Taking It Personally: Racism in the Classroom from Kindergarten to College, with commentaries by the authors, Ann Berlak and Sekani Moyenda
Soraya Sablo Sutton and Sheila MenezesIn Remembrance of June Jordan, 1963 to 2002

29:3 (2002) Global Threats to Security

Robert M. Gould and Patrice SuttonGlobal Security: Beyond Gated Communities and Bunker Vision
Garrett D. BrownThe Global Threats to Workers’ Health and Safety on the Job
Anthony E. Ladd and Bob EdwardsCorporate Swine and Capitalist Pigs: A Decade of Environmental Injustice and Protest in North Carolina
Satinath SarangiCrimes of Bhopal and the Global Campaign for Justice
Lama JamjounThe Effects of Israeli Violations During the Second Uprising “Intifada” on Palestinian Health Conditions
Andy Lichterman and Jacqueline CabassoThe End of Disarmament and the Arms Races to Come
Richard GarfieldEconomic Sanctions, Humanitarianism, and Conflict After the Cold War
Victor W. Sidel and Barry S. LevySecurity and Public Health

29:1-2 (2002) Globalization and Environmental Harm

Gregory ShankOverview: Globalization and Environmental Harm
David O. Friedrichs and Jessica FriedrichsThe World Bank and Crimes of Globalization: A Case Study
Déborah Berman SantanaResisting Toxic Militarism: Vieques Versus the U.S. Navy
Vincenzo RuggieroAttac: A Global Social Movement?
Alan BlockEnvironmental Crime and Pollution: Wasteful Reflections
Rob WhiteEnvironmental Harm and the Political Economy of Consumption
Mario PetrucciSustainability — Long View or Long Word?
Vincenzo RuggieroReview of Pearce and Tombs, Toxic Capitalism: Corporate Crime and the Chemical Industry
Randall R. BegerExpansion of Police Power in Public Schools and the Vanishing Rights of Students
Garry Rolison, Kristin A. Bates, Mary Jo Poole, and Michelle JacobPrisoners of War: Black Female Incarceration at the End of the 1980s
Lisa M. PoupartCrime and Justice in American Indian Communities
Cecilia Menjívar and Sang KilFor Their Own Good: Benevolent Rhetoric and Exclusionary Language in Public Officials’ Discourse on Immigrant-Related Issues
Rita MaranA Report from the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa, 2001
Elizabeth MartínezSocial Justice Salutes Beverly Axelrod

28:4 (2001) In the Aftermath of Welfare “Reform”

Brendon O’ConnorThe Protagonists and Ideas Behind the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996: The Enactment of a Conservative Welfare System
Delores Jones-Brown and Jacqueline MahoneyWork First and Forget About Education: New York City’s Personal Responsibility Act and the Creation of a Working Underclass
Sylvie C. TourignySome New Killing Trick: Welfare Reform and Drug Markets in a U.S. Urban Ghetto
Sheigla Murphy and Paloma SalesPregnant Drug Users: Scapegoats of Reagan/Bush and Clinton-Era Economics
Peter KellyThe Post-Welfare State and the Government of Youth At-Risk
Patricia M. Short and Allyson MutchExchange, Reciprocity, and Citizenship — Principles of Access and the Challenge to Human Rights in the Third Sector: An Australian Perspective
Sylvie C. Tourigny and Delores Jones-BrownConclusion — When All is Said and Done: The Aftermath of Welfare ‘Reform’ in the United States

28:3 (2001) Law, Order, and Neoliberalism

Gregory ShankLimitation of War and the Pursuit of Justice
Christian ParentiAmerica’s Jihad: A History of Origins
Ed McCaughanViolence, Inequality, and the “Civilized” World
Cecilia O’Leary and Tony PlattPledging Allegiance: The Revival of Prescriptive Patriotism
Esther MadrizTerrorism and Structural Violence
Cindi KatzThe State Goes Home: Local Hypervigilance of Children and the Global Retreat from Social Reproduction
Diana R. GordonSide by Side: Neoliberalism and Crime Control in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Neil SmithGlobal Social Cleansing: Postliberal Revanchism and the Export of Zero Tolerance
Eric KlinenbergBowling Alone, Policing Together
Loïc WacquantThe Advent of the Penal State Is Not a Destiny
Vivien SternAn Alternative Vision: Criminal Justice Developments in Non-Western Countries
Laureen SniderCrimes Against Capital: Discovering Theft of Time
R.T. NaylorLicense to Loot: A Critique of Follow-the-Money Methods in Crime Control Policy

28:2 (2001) Gatekeeper’s State: Immigration and Boundary Policing in an Era of Globalization

Timothy J. DunnBorder Militarization Via Drug and Immigration Enforcement: Human Rights Implications
Sylvanna M. FalcónRape as a Weapon of War: Advancing Human Rights for Women at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Michael HuspekProduction of State, Capital, and Citizenry: The Case of Operation Gatekeeper
Peter B. BrownellBorder Militarization and the Reproduction of Mexican Migrant Labor
Sasha KhokhaCommunity and Labor Relations: The INS Plays the “Good Cop”
Victor OrtizThe Unbearable Ambiguity of the Border
NGOs of the Border EncuentroThe Encounter on Globalization, Migration, and Militarization: “A Dialogue Between NGOs”
Joseph NevinsSearching for Security: Boundary and Immigration Enforcement in an Age of Intensifying Globalization
Jose PalafoxBorder Games and Border Thinking: A Review of Border Games: Policing the U.S.-Mexico Divide
Peter AndreasBorder Games: A Response to Palafox

28:1 (2001) Welfare and Punishment in the Bush Era

Jock YoungIan Taylor Remembered
Gwendolyn MinkFaith in Government?
Rickie Solinger…But No Faith in the People
Herb KutchinsNeither Alms Nor a Friend: The Tragedy of Compassionate Conservatism
Robert P. WeissCharitable Choice As Neoliberal Social Welfare Strategy
Shanta Pandey and Shannon Collier-TenisonWelfare Reform: An Exploration of Devolution
Ingrid Phillips Whitaker and Victoria TimeDevolution and Welfare: The Social and Legal Implications of State Inequalities for Welfare Reform in the United States
Anthony M. Platt and Jenifer L. CooremanA Multicultural Chronology of Welfare Policy and Social Work in the United States
Anthony M. PlattSocial Insecurity: The Transformation of American Criminal Justice, 1965-2000
Sandra BassPolicing Space, Policing Race: Social Control Imperatives and Police Discretionary Decisions
Stephen Richards and Jeffrey Ian RossIntroducing the New School of Convict Criminology
Michael E. SchneiderA Texas Prisoner’s Reaction to Faith-Based Rehabilitation Programs
Joane MartelTelling the Story: A Study in the Segregation of Women Prisoners
Matthew YeagerThe Ottawa Special Services Project: A Case Study in Destabilization
Leanne Fiftal Alarid and Hsiao-Ming WangMercy and Punishment: Buddhism and the Death Penalty
Raúl Molina-MejíaReview of Jonas, Of Centaurs and Doves: Guatemala’s Peace Process

27:4 (2000) Neoliberalism, Militarism, and Armed Conflict

Steven StaplesThe Relationship Between Globalization and Militarism
Michael RennerTable 1: International Water Disputes
Ian SmillieGetting to the Heart of the Matter: Sierra Leone, Diamonds, and Human Security
Maria Jimenez, with Rebecca PharesThe U.S.-Mexico Border: A Strategy of Low-Intensity Conflict
Tamar Gabelnick and Anna RichGlobalized Weaponry
John FefferGunboat Globalization: The Intersection of Economics and Security in East Asia
Justin DelacourPlan Colombia: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Press
Tony Ward and Penny GreenLegitimacy, Civil Society, and State Crime
Karen TalbotThe Real Reasons for War in Yugoslavia: Backing Up Globalization with Military Might
Adel SamaraGlobalization, the Palestinian Economy, and the “Peace Process”
Ruth Leger SivardTable 2: Choices — Costs of Protection
Ichiyo MutoRedefine and Practice Our Peace, Our Security, If They Do Theirs
Committee for Human Rights in Puerto Rico (Sponsor)International Tribunal on Violation of Human Rights in Puerto Rico and Vieques by the United States of America
Rafael Cancel MirandaPowers Held by the United States over Puerto Rico
West African Workshop on WomenDeclaration of the African Women’s Anti-War Coalition
Farliz CalleThe Children’s Movement for Peace in Colombia
Women’s Pentagon ActionUnity Statement
East Asia-U.S. Women’s Network Against MilitarismInternational Women’s Summit to Redefine Security: Final Statement
Francine D’AmicoGlobalizing Forces: Essay Review of Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women’s Lives

27:3 (2000) Critical Resistance to the Prison-Industrial Complex

Critical Resistance Guest EditorsThe History of Critical Resistance
Ed MeadReflections on Crime and Class
Paul WrightThe Cultural Commodification of Prisons
Mumia Abu-JamalThe Industry of Fear
Marilyn BuckPrisons, Social Control, and Political Prisoners
Garrett Albert DuncanUrban Pedagogies and the Celling of Adolescents of Color
Christian ParentiCrime As Social Control
M. Grayson L. Taylor, with Terry KupersPrison Psychosis
Jose PalafoxOpening Up Borderland Studies: A Review of U.S.-Mexico Border Militarization Discourse
Michael WelchThe Role of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Prison-Industrial Complex
René Francisco PoitevinPolitical Surveillance, State Repression, and Class Resistance: The Puerto Rican Experience
Dian MillionPolicing the Rez: Keeping No Peace in Indian Country
Margo Okazawa-Rey and Gwyn KirkMaximum Security
Julia SudburyTransatlantic Visions: Resisting the Globalization of Mass Incarceration
Cynthia Chandler and Carol KingeryYell Real Loud: HIV-Positive Women Prisoners Challenge Constructions of Justice
Karlene FaithReflections on Inside/Out Organizing
Ellen BarryWomen Prisoners on the Cutting Edge: Development of the Activist Women Prisoners’ Rights Movement
Marge Frantz, with Cassandra ShaylorAmerican Radical Traditions in Conference Organizing
Bo Brown, Terry Kupers, Andy Smith, and Julia Sudbury, as interviewed by Dylan Rodriguez and Nancy StollerReflections on Critical Resistance
Kim GilmoreSlavery and Prison — Understanding the Connections
Camille E.S.A. AceyThis Is an Illogical Statement: Dangerous Trends in Anti-Prison Activism
Angela Y. Davis and Dylan RodriguezThe Challenge of Prison Abolition: A Conversation
Critical Resistance Guest EditorsSelected Documentaries
Critical Resistance Guest EditorsRecommended Websites

27:2 (2000) Criminal Justice and Globalization at the New Millennium

Nikos PassasGlobal Anomie, Dysnomie, and Economic Crime: Hidden Consequences of Neoliberalism and Globalization in Russia and Around the World
Vincenzo RuggieroThe Fight to Reappear
Michael DuttonThe End of the (Mass) Line? Chinese Policing in the Era of the Contract
Gary T. MarxThe Police as Social Change Agents? The Curious Case of Poland’s Transition
Martha K. HugginsUrban Violence and Police Privatization in Brazil: Blended Invisibility
John Irwin, Vincent Schiraldi, and Jason ZiedenbergAmerica’s One Million Nonviolent Prisoners
Marc-Andre Pigeon and L. Randall WrayCan Penal Keynesianism Replace Military Keynesianism? An Analysis of Society’s Newest “Solution” for the Hard to Employ and a Proposal for a More Humane Alternative
Randall G. SheldenGene Warfare
Joe SimOne Thousand Days of Degradation: New Labour and Old Compromises at the Turn of the Century
Eamonn Carrabine, Maggy Lee, and Nigel SouthSocial Wrongs and Human Rights in Late Modern Britain: Social Exclusion, Crime Control, and Prospects for a Public Criminology
Patrick F. Gillham and Gary T. MarxComplexity and Irony in Policing and Protesting: The World Trade Organization in Seattle
Thomas L. DummEnlightenment as Punishment
Tony G. PovedaAmerican Exceptionalism and the Death Penalty
Stuart Henry and Dragan MilovanovicConstitutive Criminology: Origins, Core Concepts, and Evaluation

27:1 (2000) Race, Class, and State Crime

Sidney L. HarringThe Diallo Verdict: Another “Tragic Accident” in New York’s War on Street Crime?
William W. Sales, Jr., and Rod BushThe Political Awakening of Blacks and Latinos in New York City: Competition or Cooperation?
Steve MartinotThe Racialized Construction of Class in the United States
Sonny E. San Juan, Jr.The Multiculturalist Problematic in the Age of Globalized Capitalism
Anita Kalunta-CrumptonThe Criminalization of “Black Deprivation” in the United Kingdom
Penny J. Green and Tony WardState Crime, Human Rights, and the Limits of Criminology
Ben CartonUnfinished Exorcism: The Legacy of Apartheid in Democratic Southern Africa
Victoria SanfordThe Silencing of Maya Women from Mamá Maquín to Rigoberta Menchú
Asafa JalataTwo National Liberation Movements Compared: Oromia and Southern Sudan
Lois Presser and Emily GaarderCan Restorative Justice Reduce Battering? Some Preliminary Considerations
William Preston, Jr.A Star Spangled Quandary: Cecilia Elizabeth O’Leary, To Die For: The Paradox of American Patriotism
R. Stanley OdenThe Crisis of U.S. Hegemony and the Black Liberation Movement: Rod Bush, We Are Not What We Seem
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